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How Be the Use of Artificial Intelligence Beneficial In Android App Development?

According to research, the global market value of AI is going to cross 17 billion US dollars by the end of 2020.

How Be the Use of Artificial Intelligence Beneficial In Android App Development?

Thursday September 26, 2019,

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In this age, where we observe a lot of technological advancements paving their way into the mainstream mobile app development industry. One of the most witnessed trends in app development is Artificial Intelligence. AI is the technology that enables mobile app developers to attain better mobile experiences and improve personalization capabilities for customers. According to research, the global market value of AI is going to cross 17 billion US dollars by the end of 2020.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence makes it possible for machines to adjust to new inputs, perform human-like tasks, and learn from experience. It is a reflection of the human intelligence process by computer systems.

Use Of Artificial Intelligence in Android App Development

Here is the list of the AI-based features that can be included in the Android apps:

  • Text Recognition

Text recognition means detecting the texts presented in the videos or images and fetching it from the media files. After identifying the book, we can proceed to understand the meaning of the actual text, breaking it down into segments, and revealing the original form of the same.

This can be a brilliant AI step to be inserted in the Android apps. There are gaming apps that are already using this text detection feature as a combined feature with different tasks.

  • Landmark Detection

It is all about finding the particular points in an image. This is very useful in a specific research area. You can hunt for images in a classroom, or in a lab, or different locations. The Android app users will be delighted to use such an AI feature.

  • Image Labeling

Image labeling stands for an app used by the developers to assign a label to the images stored in the database. By labeling the photos, it becomes easy to find an image. In the era of pictures and selfies, any smartphone will be loaded with images. Therefore, image labeling can be an excellent feature for the people of any segment, whether it is corporate people or a selfie addict, teenagers. Image labeling will label the images shape wise or region wise or pixel-wise or according to the scenes captured. You can search the images as per your convenience.

  • Face Detection

Nowadays, the smartphones come with Face ID feature to unlock the phone. Face detection is a computer technology being used in several apps. This feature not only identifies the human faces but also presents them in different frames. For tracking apps and security-based apps, face detection is exactly what is needed to be integrated.

Importance of Artificial Intelligence in Android App Development

  •  Integrating AI into mobile apps enhances the perfection and accuracy in mobile apps.
  • AI enhances the accomplishment of monotonous tasks in more effective ways. AI performs tasks in innovative ways for solving real-time problems in the mobile app.
  • AI results enhanced customer satisfaction when it is integrated with mobile app development
  • AI, the unique technology, when integrated into apps, can improve our daily lives.
  • Assimilating mobile apps with AI increases personalization. Using AI apps can understand human behavioral patterns with ease. 


Artificial Intelligence is a rapidly growing technology, and it brings a lot of new variations to the current technologies. The majority of the app development companies are incorporating AI-based features in mobile devices as it is the most effective way to attract users. The mobile apps, especially android apps, with AI-based features, are highly in demand. There are mobile app development companies like OpenXcell, which has android developers & experts working with such technologies to offer the best, user-friendly mobile apps to the customers.