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Using Instagram to boost your business effectively

Using Instagram to boost your business effectively

Wednesday February 13, 2019,

5 min Read

Instagram stories can be a very effective tool for boosting business and many companies use this successfully. Using videos, text, and pictures in Instagram stories trigger followers’ interest on an authentic and personal level. We’ll look at how you can utilize Instagram stories effectively to boost your business.

Show What a Typical Day at Your Business Looks Like.

When creating Instagram stories, both still photography and videos can be used alongside text. Videos don’t need to be spectacular or anything that has the potential to go viral. Although they need to be interesting for your audience, you could use them to show what is happening at your business on a daily basis to give your audience a unique view and close look of your operations.

This technique is for example used very effectively by Union Fare, a restaurant called located in New York City. They use Instagram stories to show the usual operations at the restaurant, by utilizing informal captions that have proven to be very effective. The videos help viewers get a close look at what’s is happening inside the restaurant and they can see stunning pictures of the appealing dishes available on the menu. Hungry viewers would, therefore, be tempted to go to the restaurant to try this food for themselves. This is an approach that always leads to satisfactory results, showing up with more likes and comments on the content, pushing the account up on the feed.

Repurpose Blog Content to Mini-Articles

Repurposing content is a technique used to take the same content and display it in different ways on different platforms. If you already have Guest blog posts on your company website, you can use Instagram stories to display it in a unique, different way by for example creating short “how-to” articles on specific topics. Instagram Stories is a very good platform to share information in an interesting and easily digestible format.

To get the ball rolling, look closely at the articles that are already on your blog, or ones that you are planning on publishing. Changes are very good that there are quite a few that can easily be broken down into numerous slides that can be used to build an interesting Instagram story with pictures and videos. It would be a great idea to enhance the look of your Instagram posts with likes to make it look more attractive to your guests and fans. I recommend visiting prominent and reliable sites like friendlylikes.com to do this.

Attempt to Include an Informative and Interesting Bio That Boosts Followers

Before folks hit Follow on your Instagram, they need to navigate to your profile. To ensure the exact opposite thing people see before choosing to follow you is a snappy and useful bio. Persuade them regarding the esteem and contents you'll increase their feeds.


Incorporate your business name and a brief description of what you truly do.


Keep it light-weight and attention-grabbing, and stay away from a sales tone. Instagram is one of a kind culture totally different from your online shop or even your other alternative social media websites. Specialty a bio that interests to the immune globulin people group you need to reach and reflects the tone of the pictures you intend to share.


If all else fails, then follow this trusty bio-writing formula: your identity, what you do, a fly of identity.

 Your keywords and hashtags won't generally matter since they aren't accessible when they're on your profile.


Some of the time you should need to incorporate a hashtag in the bio. For as an example, in the event that you run hashtag campaigns (we'll get to that somewhat later), at that point including the #hashtag you're known for could be helpful.


Product Demonstrations

Instagram stories can be very effective to promote specific products, as it becomes very easy to show viewers what the product does and how to use it properly. If people have found unique new ways to use the product, it’s also a good idea to share these stories, and even encourage others to share their own stories. Usually, such demonstrations quickly become the unique content people speak about and the reason they like the account for, so creating a flow of new guests and followers.

Celebrating milestones

Any important milestones and events in your company can be highlighted easily by combine interviews to tell an engaging story. Whenever a milestone or an event is about to come up, create relevant Instagram stories to highlight these. Another good idea is to take a trip down memory lane to demonstrate the company’s journey and growth and various achievements along the way.

Another very effective technique to infuse elements of variety into Instagram stories is to simply incorporate interviews with customers and employees regarding their experiences with and best memories of the company, letting them say what they like the most. It also helps to focus on your brand by highlighting your brand personality by using the right tone and colors. Remember that anyone appearing in a video, be it, employees, customers, or people hired from outside, actually act as the mouthpiece or face of your company.


If you manage to use Instagram stories effective to boost your business you will show that you are aware of and knowledgeable about the latest social media trends. It also implies that your company is smart and agile enough to use the trends to help boost your business.