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Vietnam has offered visa on arrival for Indians

Vietnam has offered visa on arrival for Indians

Tuesday January 08, 2019,

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In recent years, Vietnam and India has strengthen the bilateral relations in many aspects especially tourism. The Government of Vietnam has taken a series of steps to further ease the visa application process for Indians. Besides Vietnam consular visa and E-visa, now citizens of India can also apply for Vietnam visa on arrival.

Earlier, a Vietnam visa could be applied easily at Vietnam Embassy in New Delhi or on the website of the Vietnamese Immigration Department, however, the visa on arrival scheme even has simpler process and requirements. The only required document for Indian applicant is the passport copy that maintains its validity for at least 6 months from the date of travel. The passport must also have 2 blank page to stamp visa.

In term of the application process, Indian visitors have to fill in an online application form including passport information, expected visa duration, type of visa, arrival airport and number of applicants. The visa service fee is made online itself via PayPal, Western Union or Bank Transfer. Once the application is approved (usually after 2 working days), the applicant will receive the visa approval letter issued by the Vietnamese Immigration Department via email. The visitor is required to printout this letter and bring it to Vietnam. As soon as landing at Vietnam international airport, Indians need to submit it at the Landing Area and pay for the stamping fee to get the visa stamped on passport.

When it comes to applying for visa on arrival for the trip, foreigners will need the support of a Vietnam visa agency to obtain the visa approval letter. If you are a newbie to get Vietnam visa on arrival then it is highly recommended to contact Vietnam visa VOA. This is a professional one that has more than 3-year-experience in carrying out visa approval letter application process. Here is its detail you can refer to:

*Useful tips for applying Vietnam visa on arrival

Here are some tips to get Vietnam visa on arrival quickly and smoothly for Indian citizens

1.    Only submit Vietnam visa approval letter if you plan to enter Vietnam by air through international airports such as Tan Son Nhat International Airport (Ho Chi Minh city), Noi Bai International Airport (Hanoi city), Da Nang International Airport (Da Nang city).

2.    You shouldn’t book flight ticket, hotel or tour prior to receiving approval letter.

3.    When filling in the application form, if you are not sure about your arrival entry airport, you can pick a random one as the approval letter is accepted at any Vietnam international airports.

4.    The visa stamping fee must be paid in cash and USD is most recommended. Other currencies are also accepted but the exchange rate will not be as high as expected.

5.    You should submit your visa application from one to two weeks before your planned date of arrival to avoid any last-minute surprises.