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Ways To Get Smartly Through The PPC Optimization Issues

Ways To Get Smartly Through The PPC Optimization Issues

Ways To Get Smartly Through The PPC Optimization Issues

Friday August 30, 2019,

6 min Read

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At schools and colleges, last benchers may be capable of scoring high and grabbing the top spot, but with Google ...No, the situation can never fall true. The backbenchers remain the backbenchers unless they try the right PPC optimization strategy for their marketing campaign. 

With a minimum budget and highest effectiveness, people are moving towards the PPC advertising campaigns. But to run it successfully and reap maximum benefit out of it, you should be optimizing the campaign at the earliest. 

Remember the competition is fierce, and PPC requires a lot of homework to be done and constant monitoring. This blog shares some of the common PPC advertising problems you may encounter. Keep reading further to know more. 

Not getting sufficient Impression share:

Before the start of the campaign, you define a number of expected impressions that your share can receive, but this may differ from the actual number you receive while running the campaign. This % of actual to eligible impressions is known as Impression Share in PPC. The rest percentage is called the Lost Impression share. 

There are three main reasons why this loss may happen. 

  • Low Keyword bids: It may be the result of your low bidding on keywords during the auctions. 
  • Budget constraints: If you have the maximum budget limit at a very low amount, you may face this.
  • Poor Ad Rank: If your Ad can not make it to the top of the search results. 

Do not worry if you are facing any of this, try this solution. 

  • Make the budget to the maximum limit: Low budget campaign definitely struggle to get the top spot. So instead of tossing, set the budget to the higher limits. 
  • Know the Keyword match type: Start focusing more on the Exact match type keywords. Do not go for broad match types, but try mixing and matching the types that will attract more clicks and increase the brand name. 

With a few tweaks and a better understanding of the scenario, you can change the whole game in your favor. Think of the following aspects. 

  • Geo-Targeting: Isn’t it an obvious thing to do? Your advertisement should be relevant and visible to the region where maximum search queries with the target keyword are received. This will bring more impressions from the target audience. 

  • Time-Targeting: How about scheduling the ads based on the preferred time by the target audience? You should perform more in-depth research on the impressions received and the time in which they are received and make the wise move. 

  • Device Bidding: Google allows you to choose the devices you want your ads to appear on. You can bid a -100% on the devices that you do not prefer your ads to be shown on. You are free to set these devices bidding for the whole of your PPC campaign or ad group level campaigns. Make the necessary adjustments based on the device you are targeting and perform the PPC optimization. 

Lower Clickthrough Rate:

PPC is all about the clicks you get on the ad campaigns. So this one is an important step to perform. Analyze the ad’s clickthrough rate (CTR). CTR helps in bringing in leads, and a high CTR means a well-optimized PPC ad copy.  Low CTR’s can have the following problems. 

Low Impression share, inappropriate audience targeting, or due to the added effect of poor Ad rank. 

  • You can try these remedies to overcome the issue. As mentioned above, try improving the low impression share number. A higher number directly means an increased CTR. 
  • To overcome the inappropriate audience targeting, you should target the right audience using relevant keywords. If you target the wrong keywords, you are attracting the wrong set of audience. Use some online keyword research tools, discover the ranking and relevant keywords and then plan the strategy. 
  • Ad ranking can be improved based on the Quality Score. Give more effort and invest time in drafting an ad copy and check how much engaging and relevant it is for the users. Knowing this, you make sure that you create better landing pages. 

Your Competitors bid more on your target keyword: 

While dealing with PPC marketing and Google Ad words, always remember, the top spot is important and is the key to success. Many times, well-known brands might take away your specific keywords that can bring a high amount of organic traffic. So, instead of allowing them to bag the target keyword, implement the following solution. 

  • Boost your bids: Try bidding more on your brand keywords. Doing this, you ensure that you outrank the competitors. This strategy really helps if there are fewer bids on your target keyword. 
  • Genuinely ask them to stop: Yes, you can politely ask your competitors to stop bidding on your brand keywords. Things may get in your favor, but if that brand keyword is getting them good business deals, they probably won’t change it. 
  • Go for Google trademark policy: If you really want to have that keyword only in your bag, bring Google on the case. By doing this, you shall stop the competitors from disobeying the rules. 

The clicks on the Ads fail to generate leads:

This problem is faced by many PPC advertisement dealers that they receive traffic and users that hold no relevance, and as a result of this, those users never become leads. Understand, your ad should persuade people to consider your ad and help in making the campaign profitable. You may fail to generate leads because,

  • Irrelevant search queries triggered the ad;
  • An excessive and mass Ad campaign has been bombarded to the users;
  • You lack a strong Call To Action;
  • You are not targeting the right audience;
  • You do not hold a strong landing page. 

To solve the above issues, you can try the following things. 

  • You should start targeting only domain-specific keywords. Do not run for grabbing maximum keywords but run for keywords relative to the products and services you give. 
  • Start optimizing the headline. This is the top spot which is going to attract maximum users. Design a creative yet compelling headline and optimize it. Make sure it includes your brand name, brand keyword, location, etc. 

  • Create a stronger Call To Action: The key response that is received is through the CTAs. Your CTA should trigger the right emotion in the audience so that they feel forced to open the ad and land upon the page. You can also hire a PPC Agency In Toronto for effectively marketing the campaign. 

We hope this guide helps you to overcome the difficulties faced during the PPC campaign.