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Ways to Take WordPress Website to the Next Level

WordPress Website development

Ways to Take WordPress Website to the Next Level

Wednesday December 19, 2018,

3 min Read

Platforms like WordPress are great places to start blogged and website development for those who are new in the world of technology. A self-hosted WordPress site allows you to build a beautiful websites for your business. Here are some ways that allows you to take your WordPress website to the nest level.

Update theme:

A fresh and new look is something that creates a new life to a website. Free themes are always the starting point of a website. Most of the people opt for a premium theme that gives you more options and more control over a website.

Customize using a page builder:

Those who are already suing a premium theme and don’t want to change it completely, then consider by adding a page builder plugin. It allows you to gain more control over the layout of the pages and to add variety of useful items like slider, testimonials etc.

Start an e-mail list:

An e-mail list is the most effective and best way to create a personal relationship with the readers. Along with making good relationship, it helps in creating warm leads, if you decided to monetize the blog in future.

Use of exit-intent email opt-in form:

After setting up email, always use different plugins to display various optin forms on the website and encourage readers to subscribe that. A form can be selected from variety of forms types that comes with variety of styles and customization options.

Make sharing easy:

Always add social media share buttons that makes the readers to share your content across different social media platforms.

Call to action:

Almost every website has a goal in mind. Whether it wanted to grow email list and grow your client and customer base. It’s important to get visitors and readers know about it. Call to action serves end goal and don’t be afraid to add it to multiple places on the website.

Improve about page:

About page make less about you and more about the audience. They can expect from the blog and the content you share, it helps to solve their problems.

Promote Contributors:

Widget plugin is used in multi-author blogs to give credit. Credits allow readers to choose all the posts and comments from their favorite author.


Website logo and preferred color scheme keep brand consistent across the entire Internet presence. Use same logo, colors in social media headers and promotional graphics, using on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social networks.

Link to external websites:

Relevant blogs in your niche and the posts that relate to your blog’s topic provide extra information to readers. The major benefit of external linking is helping blog get noticed by the blog’s owner. It makes more traffic and valuable relationship.