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Best & Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in USA

Find the Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in USA. Navtech ranks as Best Mobile App Development Company in USA. Listed are other companies which offer specialized Android app development services, iOS app development services, UX/UI design, & cloud governance solutions for enterprises.

Best & Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in USA

Monday April 01, 2019,

6 min Read

Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in USA

Best Mobile App Development Companies

The mobile app development industry is a vast market in the US. Therefore, deciding the Top Mobile App Development Companies is a tough task. The avenue first opened a decade ago when Apple opened its app store to outside developers. It provided a wide array of opportunities for tech entrepreneurs, who have made technology solutions for efficiency and customer satisfaction available for all businesses.Today, there are several options available and it is a highly competitive industry. We have curated some of the top competitors in the following list to ease your decision making process in choosing the Best Mobile App Development Company in USA.

A top firm with an excellent reputation, it has been delivering results since 2013. It has expertise in building apps for iOS, Android and hybrid platforms. It features a team of domain experts working to solve each problem. Its success stories have helped it retain its client base and grow.

Focus is placed on simplicity and the satisfaction of the client’s customer base. Navtech assures provision of services that help businesses transform.

Experience - 6+ years

Location(s) - Hyderabad (India), Redmond (USA)

Employees - 50-249

Domain expertise - Android, iOS, e-Commerce apps, Cloud Governance solutions.

The company specializes in software, mobile and web app development and maintenance. Its trained professionals have expertise in developing cutting-edge solutions across platforms like Android, iOS and Linux. It has delivered quality products to businesses in various industries including Travel, Media, Electronics and Manufacturing.

Experience - 16+ years

Location(s) - Hyderabad (India), New Jersey (USA)

Employees - 50-249

Domain expertise - mobile/software/web app development, infrastructure management

A company set up in 2010, it has grown exponentially on account of its excellent output in seamlessly delivering innovation to its clients. Space-O has grown from a team of 2 to over 250 employees. Its proficient team of developers, analysts and designers have successfully completed projects over a wide range of industries.

Space-O follows Agile app development process and ensures regular communication with clients to stay on the top of the game.

Experience - 8+ years

Location(s) - Ahmedabad (India), Charlottetown (Canada), Scottsdale (USA)

Employees - 50-249

Domain expertise - Android and iOS app development, IoT, Blockchain, AR.

It is a digital product development agency that also specializes in Android and iOS app development. It has won several recognitions till now for its expertise in making business visions come true through software solutions. Along with mobile app development, it also offers Ui/Ux design and web development services. It believes in simplicity and sticking to deadlines.

Experience - 9+ years

Location(s) - NYC, Seattle, San Francisco (USA)

Employees - 50-249

Domain expertise - iOS, Android, Web, React Native, Wearables, Tablets, 3D, Augmented and Virtual Reality.

As a leading Mobile App Development Company in USA, it provides end-to-end services to a variety of clients, from startups to enterprise organisations. ZCO’s team of professional engineers provide innovative solutions to demanding problems. While primarily a mobile app development company, they also work with desktop and back-end software. Its 25 year long history in satisfying customers makes it an excellent option.

Experience - 30+ years

Location(s) - Nashua, Boston (USA)

Employees - 250-999 (300)

Domain expertise - Smartphone and tablet apps, mobile game development, enterprise software, 3D animation, virtual reality

It offers fine mobile development services and has emerged as a leading competitor despite its short history. Appsquadz’ versatile portfolio features application development of several types including GPS based, payment gateway integration and social networking. Its team of experienced professionals offer key insights and help to solve problems efficiently. It counts ICICI bank, Udemy and Coca Cola among its key clients.

Experience - 4+ years

Location(s) - Noida (India), New Jersey (USA), Dubai (UAE), Manchester (UK)

Employees - 50-249

Domain expertise - android app development, iOS app development, AI, VR, IOT

Consaguous is reputed for efficient solutions across industries like Healthcare, Banking and Education. Its history of slightly over a decade gives it an edge over other competition that is further strengthened by its execution style.

It is based in Texas and promises to deliver excellent mobile app development services to all sorts of business problems.

Experience - 10+ years

Location(s) - Indore (India), Austin (USA), Melbourne (Australia)

Employees - 50-249

Domain expertise - Native iOS and Android app development, Enterprise apps, FinTech applications.

From our list of Top Mobile App Development Companies, this is the only one that focuses on minutely customised solutions. The firm distinguishes itself from others as developing high value and high impact mobile app solutions that ensure superior results.

It provides end-to-end solutions for internal problems that cannot be solved by others. Innovation has always been at the forefront and has created a loyal customer base for the company.

Experience - 4+ years

Location(s) - Los Angeles (USA)

Employees - 10-49

Domain expertise - Specialised Android and iOS app design and development

This Mobile App Development Company is well-known for providing efficient mobile app development solutions to various startups and small businesses. It has grown over the past decade to set commendable standards in the industry. It counts PBS, the Motley Fool and No Kid Hungry as key clients.

Experience - 9+ years

Location(s) - Washington D.C., Reston (USA)

Employees - 10-49

Domain expertise - UX/UI design, Mobile app development

As one of the Top Mobile App Development Companies, Dogtown Media has built a sturdy reputation by winning several awards for its creations. It started in 2011 with two men on the couch building sandcastles in the air and has since then developed into a tech powerhouse.

It uses technology to create a positive impact in the world by developing state-of-the-art applications. Lexus, Google and Red Bull are some of its key clients.

Experience - 8+ years

Location(s) - Venice, San Francisco, NYC, Seattle (USA)

Employees - 10-49

Domain expertise - Android and iOS app development, IoT, AI, Machine Learning, mHealth, FinTech, and Robotics.


Even from this curated list, finding a company that suits the purposes of your business will remain to be a tough task. Choosing a firm that will work in alignment with your vision is the most crucial aspect in this process. Find a firm that prioritises your interests over its revenue, and this will ultimately lead to several success stories!