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What does the future hold for the Travel Industry in 2019?

The future travel industry will exclusively invest for customers’ needs and preferences whether it is about adventures or pampering them. One can always have personalized experience when it comes to having all the nomadic vibes

What does the future hold for the Travel Industry in 2019?

Thursday April 25, 2019,

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Every industry goes through abandon number of innovative trends and Travel industry is one of them. Passion for traveling has augmented over the past few years and evolving inclination has brought a variety of changes in the travel and hospitality business world. As soon as a new year begins, predictions and assumptions take place about the future of the travel industry, the advancements, and the economy. Nonetheless, it will benefit both, the travelers as well as the marketers. Here are some of the key points about what you can look forward to in the tourism industry.

1. Safety and satisfaction

The number of increased communication tools have made more customers aware of the travel experience rather than just marketing and facilities. Thus, the travel business concentrates more on travelers’ safety and satisfaction. As social media plays a vital role in sharing experiences, industry invests more on loyalty programs to allure more travelers, fraud prevention, design, and public relation. Providing online check-in options, end moment upgrades, late-night eatery services, influence customers’ decision and helps retailers for greater revenue generation.

2. Territorial trends

Yes, you read it right! Just like clothing has seasonal trends, traveling too has seasonal and territorial trends. Each year, a specific travel destination would get loaded with voyagers; some places run long in this competition whereas some fade away with time. For example, according to a trustworthy survey, once was a time when people were more inclined to visit European countries, national parks of the USA are still favorites of many. But recently, people are more enticed towards Asian and fast east countries. Geographical tourist attractions are one of the significant parts of the international travel trends.

3. Rising demand for experimental traveling

Traveling is no more just leisure activity; it is becoming more of an experimental and learning experience for tourists. Soaking in the sun is an evergreen trend but, people want to try and pursue more hiking, trekking, skiing, camping, and other adventurous activities. To fulfill customers’ demands, the travel industry has come up with various categories that have been proven lucrative. Future of tourism will be more rewarding as it has taken up the charge of providing never before experience to the travelers from low-budget to high-budget.

Lucky are the few who can afford to travel to space with Elon Musk’s SpaceX commercial space flights. Furthermore, your passports get stamps for nearly 195 countries and that figure may take a giant leap as new ‘man-made’ islands are coming to existence. These floating towns or cities can be research centers or tourists’ hot-spot. In short, it would be a lot like the ideal mainland.

4. AR, VR and AI

Travel industry challenges 2019 hugely contemplate the usage of cutting-edge technology. AR - Augmented Reality, VR - Virtual Reality and Robotics are significant parts of the emerging industry. At one hand where virtual reality gives a pleasure of digital tours, Augmented reality is a good blend of virtual elements and real-world experience. For example, with VR, you can have a virtual trip to someplace just like you are visiting by own; with AR, you can have smart applications on your devices while you are exploring a new destination. From history information to latest stories, an app can guide you with all and you do not need to stop by to ask someone whereabouts.

In a similar manner, AI - Artificial Intelligence works as it tracks and analyzes customers’ interests in order to produce tailor-made results. Ample of travel applications and communication tools have in-built intelligence to interpret demands and data. With voice assistance of your chosen language, you can have a virtual guide with you wherever you go. You can also get information about, tickets, rides and accommodation amenities. Such utility of technologies is one of the greatest breakthroughs in tourism industry.

5. Emerging trend of luxury travel

It is true that many youngsters are turning to experimental and adventurous traveling but, there are people who want to have the best out of travel experience and they do not mind paying for it. A survey says that more families consider secure luxury travel experience and the industry is all set to fascinate such payers. Tourism industry trends of 2019 will encourage travelers to sail through the Caribbean in a private yacht or have fulfilling participation of yoga in some Asian country.

The future travel industry will exclusively invest for customers’ needs and preferences whether it is about adventures or pampering them. One can always have personalized experience when it comes to having all the nomadic vibes. Emxcel Travel Solutions is one such company that offers all the required travel technology solutions. From destinations to virtual assistance, from food to the fastest journey and from divinity to sin-city, tourism industry soon will be one of the most extravagant industries of the world.