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What Is Search Engine Optimization And Its 5 Key Elements

If you are the owner of any blog or you want to set any kind of business, service online then you should develop an understanding with SEO. The success of any website majorly depends on 2 factors, the first one is content and the other one is SEO. I am trying here to explain about SEO here.

What Is Search Engine Optimization And Its 5 Key Elements

Tuesday March 05, 2019,

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Are you puzzled why your website does show on Google search? Do even you type the full name of your website and Google search unable to find your site? It means Search engine optimization (SEO) is not done yet for your website.

If people cannot find your site on any search engine then what is the point to design that website. Usually, websites is another powerful method to grow your business so you should take care that your target audience can find your site easily

In simple words, SEO is a process for your website to increase visibility among all the search engines. So you can get unpaid traffic on your website. Due traffic means "Natural" or "Organic" or "earned" results, all are the same things. More your site will appear on search engine results from more visitors or traffic you will earn. It increases the possibility to convert your visitors into your clients.

Here I am sharing some of the primary and most powerful techniques of a decent SEO:

5 Key Elements of Search engine optimization:

First of you should understand if your website has a lot of pages then it will take at least 6 months to show on different engines and if you have small sites with 5 to 10 pages might be it will take 2 to 3 months. Now concentrate on the basics of SEO:

Correct Domain Name:

Any search engine saw it first so it is essential that your sites should have a relevant name. Suppose you are dealing in Natural Gems but your domain name doesn't include the word Gems then it is difficult for the searches to find your website for those who are looking for natural gems.

I am not saying that search engines will never relate your website for natural gems results, but it will be more difficult to rank high for an irrelevant domain name. If a little change can help then you should adopt a natural way, what is the point in making an approach difficult.


Another most basic and essential thing that we always missed while creating websites are the appropriate keywords. A keyword is a term or bench of few words that anyone is writing on Google to find the answer. Like if you are looking Natural Gems, you will write directly natural gems on Google.

So, you should do proper research before you write contents on your site. Let's understand it with an example. Suppose you have a blog on the topic, getting money online. What keywords are suitable for your blog? Make money online or earn money online or getting paid to work online isn't...

Now research for less competitive keywords and use that particular keyword on all over a website. Like the above paragraph, we talked three keywords having the same meaning but Earn money online has less competition, so it is better to go with" Earn Money Online" keyword. This keyword will rank you easily in search results.

Get Indexed/Submit URL

From this point some professional knowledge required. Getting indexed is just like the admission process of your child in and primary school. You go to school take admission for, fill name of your child, sex, date of birth, etc and submit your form in the admission department of the school.

Same, for your websites, go to Google, Bing and Yahoo webmaster and submit all the details of your site and get indexed. If you Google or any other search engine don't know who you are, then how he can tell anybody about your website. So indexing of site is most important for your visibility, and you should index it as many engines as you can.

Crawling your website:

As I mentioned above, it requires more expert attention. It is like your child now big enough to switch from school to college. That means he did some work and had few certificates, which copies he has to submit in college to go on one higher level.

Same when you did some work on your website you should crawl your website site map on different webmasters like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. A site map is a bunch of URL's. You should create an account on different webmaster and submit every URL one by one.

As you submit webmaster will show status pending, don't worries it will take about one or two weeks to be confirmed. After it when you will update your site, search engines will be updated automatically, you need not crawl every time.

Build Backlinks:

It is one of the most comfortable and most complicated work. First, understand what backlinks are? If some other sites refer your site for any content and your URL or your site address has posted on that site, then a Google will think that there is something important on your site that's why another site is referring his visitor, on your site. When many websites referring your website search engines will show you on top results.

While creating backlinks, you should remember one crucial fact that you have to build backlinks on the same nature of websites. For example, if the website is about to earn money online than backlinks should be posted on other make money online website, not just any random site.

So I think now you knew some of the basics of Search Engine Optimization. Here you should know one thing that if you have a small website, then you can try to do Search Engine Optimization work by your Own, sometimes for a blog, it can be work. But if you are running a business and want to sell any product or service don't do it by yourself. Hire an expert. You will not regret this decision. Local SEO Company will much effective for Small Business.