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What is the purpose of Silica Gel in Product Packaging?

Silica gel is a porous form of silicon dioxide that is present in the form of small beads. It is desiccant, which means it has the power to absorb moisture by attracting the water molecules. These beads are packed in the paper packets and put into the items that need to be kept dry and moisture-free

What is the purpose of Silica Gel in Product Packaging?

Thursday July 25, 2019,

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Have you ever noticed something in every package you receive or buy, food box, carton, and clothes packing? A little paper packet with small transparent beads wrapped to the full in it, and that is silica gel. They are handy for a lot of reasons like saving the product from water, reducing bad odor, and things like this. Our moms are saving these little packets in a jar stored at the back corner of the kitchen cabinet for years. They do not even know what is it for, but they won’t be moms if they do not save everything that enters the house. 

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Product packaging is done by giving serious thought into it because it is essential that everything has to be perfect until it reaches to the customer. Any package goes through the complete process that is from manufacturing, storing, delivering to the retailers, being on the shelf until some merciful come and pick them up from the shop. That is why product packaging supplies silica gel in the box to keep it safe from disasters like.


The sole purpose of these small porous beads is to attract the small water molecules towards itself and locking in the moisture from the closed surface. They are packed in porous paper bags which allow the water to enter. This gel is made from sodium silicate that is highly absorptive in nature or composition. It absorbs 40% of its own weight and is highly absorbing material unlike others in the market.



When the items are required to be kept for an extended period of time, they become the perfect place for mold to thrive. It is because of the humidity in the boxes due to weather conditions like winters or rain and seasonal temperature change.


Silica gel serves to eliminate humidity by eliminating moisture from the air creating a dry and moisture-free environment for custom product packaging like electronics, cosmetics, medication, and apparels, etc. that are at higher risk of damage. Leather gets mold if not kept dry properly. That is why items like these come with the silica packets inside the box.


During manufacturing, a product passes through a lot of stages and chemicals that can leave a bad odor in the products and when packed in cardboard cartons for a long time can go the smell that is unbearable and leaves an adverse impact on customers regarding the company. These small packets can prevent smelling by absorbing extra moisture from the air inside the box. They are mostly found in consumer products, from shoe-boxes to purses to new cellphone or food items.


Increase the life of the product:

Products like cat food, medicines, vitamins, cereals, and anything that can get spoiled by being soggy and can’t be used is packed with the desiccant packets mostly silica gel to catch water particles which keeps the item fresh and free from dampness.

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Staying desiccated increases the lifetime of the product. Product packaging boxes are protected by placing these in it to save the issue from getting spoil and wasted.

Color changing beads:

There are beads, silica beads available in the market that changes its color when they get in contact with water. This makes it easy to tell if there is any or how much humidity present in the box. Product packaging design is essential to be made that does not have any open spaces or edges that could be the reason for the entrance of air.


Other uses:

The benefits of silica gel are not just limited to product boxes. They come almost in every package, and you can save it for unlimited other uses some of those are:


•   Drying out your phone is the most popular use of silica gel as you can instantly dry out the small opening by putting silica gel and phone in zip lock bag for 24 hours at least.

•   Placing it in jewelry case to keep it shiny and bright.

•   Stack them in your trainers to eliminate that odor

•   Putting in old documents or photo albums to keep them from ruining by moisture.

•   The most loved use is to keep the beads in an open bowl and add your favorite essential oil. By absorbing the oil, they will keep giving the fresh fragrance and feel to the room.


It has become the star of the show. From packing cartons to everyday household needs, it is an all-rounder. Even if you are tired of seeing these and grabbing it from the tips of your fingers as it is always being told that they are not suitable for swallowing, does it tell you that they are poisonous? Never be unthankful for these little bags in your product box and keep in mind the miracles it does to your lovable products.

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