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What's New Happening in Enterprise Web Application Development?

What's New Happening in Enterprise Web Application Development?

Tuesday January 22, 2019,

3 min Read

As digital technologies are transforming the business landscape, the demand for enterprise web application development is increased. According to a quote by a famous firm Forrester says that the web application you deploy over the internet mainly the custom one plays a vital role in stepping ahead from the competition.

Think about it. Almost everything is web-based. And in order to create the best online presence, you need a web application development company who have years of experience in delivering a robust and intuitive application for their clients.

How can your company use web applications as a competitive edge? And the first step to achieve it is to stay ahead from the trends. Get yourself updated about what's new incoming, and start planning accordingly.

Since 2019 has started if you are still using the techniques and methods of 2018 or 2017 is cool but think, is it giving the same business profit and advantage to your company and business? If yes then pursue it and if the answer is negative, try to incorporate the below-listed features in your web application.

Top 3 Enterprise web application development you must  try in 2019

1. Interactive Chatbots and AI:

The primary reason to have chatbots on your web application is, the user can get all the basic information about the products or services your company is selling. It is true that we have chatbots on various website, but the main disadvantage of those chatbots is, they require a manager's interactions which might not be feasible for most of the organization. The AI chatbots will assure the quality of the services you provide to the website users.

Advanced chatbot developed using the latest Artificial Intelligence technology will play a vital role in upcoming years. For instance, let's take chatbots of eBay for the communication process. It helps the user to select the right product while they are shopping.

2. Motion UI:

Motion UI can be the next big thing for web application development company in 2019. The motion UI makes your web application simpler and attractive.

If you are tired of using the GIFs, animation, and flashy advertisement on a website, as a developer you can design an app with moderate design; it will give maximum appreciation. By doing this, you can add a new life to your minimalistic website.

The primary advantage of sophisticated motion UI is, it makes the content of your website more easy to understand. Hiring the professional PHP developers for a smooth animation will make your site more attractive and popular.

3. Blockchain:

For collective data storage, blockchain is one of the most effective methods which can be used. Every day the usage of the internet is increasing, and there will be an enormous amount of people accessing the internet from computer is also high.

Thus, storing such a huge amount of data becomes complex; therefore, incorporating the Blockchain technology with your web application will make your data storage and data interpretation task easy.

These were some of the latest trends in enterprise web application development which you should know. When the talk is about the current trends in any topic, the discussion will be endless. If you are planning for PHP web application development, you can try the points mentioned above and enjoy the success.