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What’s the Mojo Driving Business Analytics Jobs in India?

What’s the Mojo Driving Business Analytics Jobs in India?

Tuesday August 13, 2019,

3 min Read

In India, 90% of the recruiters are still doing a cursory check on the CVs mentioning the business analytics skills. If you are smart and understand the mojo (spell, magic potion) behind all the AI ML and Data Science hoopla, you have a great chance at standing apart from the crowd in the job market.

So, what special skill should you be focusing on?

Learning Big Data Market Research (MR) is a pretty solid start to Business Analytics career In India, Business Analytics for Cloud Computing set ups are considered as the new shiny objects.

 If we had to hear buzz in the industry and choose six companies making the biggest hiring for BI skills, it would be Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Tableau and Salesforce.

For instance, Google’s current market evaluation is $430 Billion, Amazon at $250 billion, and Facebook at $262 billion. Piloting a BI project for any of the giants opens up plethora of career-focused opportunities for talented professionals.

Big data analytics

What is Big Data MR?

Traditional Market Research has given way to Big Data Analytics powered by automated ML algorithms collecting, storing, and analyzing tons of data from omnichannel sources. Big Data MR is a technology-driven science of uncovering hidden insights from behavioral, consumer and sentiment data collected from offline and online data sources.

Leading data aggregators deploy Advanced MR teams only to move away from the siloed BI approach.


Siloed approaches have failed the test of time and operational efficiency. With more and more data to harvest and analytics to dig into, it’s sensible to merge Big Data into BI pools.

Will the Industry Support BI Talent?

While there are hundreds of Cloud based BI companies that hire for special data science skills, Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Facebook obviously pay better than others. Add to it the startup noise that continues to disrupt the technology landscape in India. With two-three years of Big Data MT experience in MR setup, you can pursue your dream of leading a team of IT Engineers and Analysts in a smaller startup company.

Simply put, BI skills with key Big Data MR talent will allow you to implement your true potential in analytics projects. If you are applying in any Marketing, Sales and Tele-calling Company, your chances of working with Big Data MR platforms increase exponentially.

These companies are continuously working with huge chunk of consumer data and behavioral data, email data and so on. Helped by Business Analytics Online course, you can learn accurately about data harvesting to gain competitive advantage over others in the business.

Today, it needs no reaffirmation from any one that Big Data and AI-based advanced analytics are the hottest trends driving the Business Analytics jobs in India.