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Why Businesses Can’t Ignore Voice Broadcasting In 2019?

Why Businesses Can’t Ignore Voice Broadcasting In 2019?

Thursday February 21, 2019,

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Voice broadcasting is one of the mass communication techniques which is being widely used for commercial and community purposes. At present, businesses from various sectors leverage voice broadcasting solutions to connect with customers and prospects instantly by broadcasting thousands of pre-recorded phone messages simultaneously. 

This solution also helps business to broadcast promotions, announcements, and alerts. The businesses can further use interactive voice broadcasting to conduct surveys, understand customer preferences, and confirm information delivery.

The voice broadcasting solutions also help to launch and manage multiple voice campaigns efficiently with features such as campaign scheduling, automated call retries, do-not-call (DNC) check, built-in text-to-speech integration, and automated email campaign reports.

Businesses can collect customer responses and boost campaign reach by running press-1 campaigns. There are a number of reasons why businesses will be investing in voice broadcasting solutions in 2019.

9 Reasons: Why Businesses Will Invest in Voice Broadcasting in 2019

1. No Need to Set up Expensive IT Infrastructure

Voice broadcasting does not require business to set up IT infrastructure or deploy agents. The business can broadcast recorded messages from a web portal. You simply need to select the best voice broadcasting service provider to start your calling campaign.

2. Enhance Brand Presence

While launching outbound call campaigns, businesses need to staff additional agents and use sophisticated outbound call center tools to reach out to more customers. The voice broadcasting services enable business to send information or promotional messages to millions of customers instantly. With voice broadcasting, businesses can also customise, scale and schedule their campaigns according to the needs.

3. Run and Monitor Multiple Marketing Campaigns

Voice broadcasting solutions allows a business to launch, manage, and monitor multiple marketing campaigns efficiently. Managers can use the user-friendly dashboard to run and monitor multiple campaigns. They also have the option to generate campaign reports based on real-time call statistics and can also share daily campaign updates with team members through emails.

4. Generate More Leads

Voice broadcasting solutions help business to enhance brand presence by sending recorded voice messages to millions of customers at once. The businesses can further deliver the information, alerts, announcements or promotions to customers at the right time by scheduling the outbound call campaigns. The interactive voice broadcasting services make it easier for businesses to generate high-quality leads by collecting customer response.

5. Reach both Tech Savvy and Non-Tech Savvy Customers

The millennials and young customers spend most of their time on mobile apps. But a significant percentage of customers still do not own or use smartphones. Voice broadcasting helps businesses to send information or promote services by reaching out to both tech-savvy and non-tech savvy customers. The businesses can initiate voice broadcasting campaigns to promote their services by targeting customers who use smartphones as well as basic phones.

6. Customize Campaign Messages

Voice broadcasting service helps a business to widen campaign access by creating multiple campaign messages. The providers make it easier for marketers to create and customize campaign messages by providing pre-defined message templates. Also, the text-to-speech feature provided by the voice broadcasting solution enable managers to convert text into voice instantly. Hence, the customized campaign messages help businesses to boost engagement by personalising the messages.

7. Launch Press 1 Campaigns

Businesses can leverage interactive voice broadcasting to collect customer response in the form of numeric input. They can run press-1 campaigns to prompt customer responses. They can connect customers to a live agent by asking a response as a “Press-1” input.

Many businesses these days initiate press 1 campaign to scale customer surveys quickly and efficiently. The voice broadcasting solution helps business to manage press-1 campaigns efficiently by transferring incoming calls to other numbers.

8. Keep Customers Interested and Excited

Many businesses prefer voice broadcasting over other marketing campaigns. They use voice broadcasting solutions to inform customers and leads about upcoming sales, special promotions, and product launches. They can further send the promotional voice messages to a large number of customers. Hence, voice broadcasting helps businesses to make customers interested in a new product or event. The excitement helps businesses to boost sales on a regular basis.

9. Curtail Marketing Campaign Cost

Many businesses opt for voice broadcasting as a fast and cost-efficient alternative. The voice broadcasting services help businesses to save money by eliminating the need for IT infrastructure and extra agents. The leading providers allow businesses to use voice broadcasting services based on a pay-for-what-you-use pricing model. Some providers even allow businesses to pay only for the calls answered. Hence, it becomes easier for businesses to reach out to more customers and leads without investing extra time, effort and money.

At present, businesses from various sectors leverage voice broadcasting solutions to launch and manage large-scale voice campaigns efficiently. The voice broadcasting solutions also help in generating more leads, promote services, and conduct consumer surveys by reaching out a large number of customers.