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Why Businesses should Opt for Android App Development

Capturing the 75% global market share is no fluke, but Android app development has plenty of benefits in store for small businesses to prove

Why Businesses should Opt for Android App Development

Monday July 08, 2019,

5 min Read

Smartphone sales are thriving with Android powering more than 81% of all smartphones worldwide. Businesses have started realizing the huge potential that Android apps withhold in simplifying business processes and promoting business.

Apps in Google Play Store have crossed the 2.5 million mark this year and the number simply keeps on growing with an estimated 258.2 billion Google Play app downloads by 2022.

Android since the time of inception has been a linux based open source software and its popularity has increased leaps and bounds by each increasing version upgrade of Android. The popularity of android platform and apps is unquestionable. The stats paint a more authoritative picture of how android platform is incomparable. Since Android’s nascent days it has been reigning the smartphone realm with over seventy five percent market share globally.

So let’s dig into why your business should opt for android app development and how is it worth the development hassle.

Paving way for business on mobile

Today, customers believe in ease of access for availing services and with customers mostly using mobile devices it comes as a norm to have your business present online whether it is in the form of app or website. With the customer base leaning in towards mcommerce and online presence of businesses, there’s a surge in small businesses developing apps for business benefits.

When it comes to small businesses and their take on liquidating funds for getting a business app developed, usually businesses are skeptical. Businesses consider apps to be expensive and incapable of setting the revenue bar, but what they tend to miss out altogether, are the benefits of an android app.

If you haven’t considered this mobile customers norm then it is time to consider it for business and leverage a distinct revenue stream for your business.

Low Barrier to Market Entry

Android as a software is royalty free and open source making it a seamless fit for businesses willing to minimally invest in app development. Due to this low barrier to entry, android app development for businesses is a perfect avenue for first timers. Businesses can opt for android app development without paying large sums of licensing fees. Also, a basic and generic android business app shall not procure or necessitate any paid external sources.

The massive market potential and low resistance to market entry makes android apps a magnet for startups and small businesses.

Exceedingly Customizable

Android platform is highly customizable. The Android apps are robust, provide high flexibility and customizations tailored to demand. Apps developed using android offer distinct frameworks that have high adaptability for various screen sizes, in turn making user interaction smooth and seamless. The maintainability and scalability of android apps is incomparable and has driven them way ahead of Windows and even iOS apps. For instance if your app requires specific hardware specifications for configuration and download you can readily add a query in your app which in turn allows Google Play Store to allow your app to be downloaded only on devices possessing those specifications and features. Moreover, you can easily add a product to your app by making quick amends to app’s interface and architecture.

Boosting Business via Android Advantage

As discussed earlier, consumers prefer businesses that have an app anchor ease of access. Irrespective of the category the app belongs to, all businesses can boost businesses using android to their advantage.

For instance apps provide unconditional customer support and deliver timely push notifications; a feature that could be used for introducing new products/ services or offering promotions. Furthermore such business apps are capable of gathering customer base market data such as buying preferences and demographics; which can be further used in targeted marketing campaigns such as newsletters. Also android apps can be easily integrated with your business website, third party softwares and social media accounts for generating more traffic and interest in your business.

Multifarious Revenue Streams

If your business hasn’t pondered over developing an android app yet, then it’s relatively possible that you’re pushing your business revenue stream, prospects and greater audiences towards your competitors who have business apps.

Android apps can exponentially multiply your revenue streams via multifarious channels. Such as In-app purchases, Paid subscriptions and In-app advertising.

Even if you don’t want to bolster sales through apps, then also your app can create brand visibility, awareness and online presence for your business. This is extremely crucial for businesses in all domains and industries.


Indeed, android apps have a huge market share and an extensive reach. With people spending much of their time on mobile apps, it generically makes sense to manage your business’s presence through apps since reaching prospects and customers through their favored channel would be less strenuous than the regular means of revenue generation for business. Since apps can be remarkable revenue generation streams especially in expanding the scope of businesses and enterprises, businesses who aim to target mobile wide user base, should invest in android apps. With android’s ease of penetration in app markets, your business’s revenue would reach the seventh sky in much lesser time than anticipated. Whether you are a small business or an enterprise level business, android app is demand of market and time. Hire an android app developer today to get the android business app of your dreams.