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Why do people change ?

Change management is a must all time .

Why do people change ?

Monday March 04, 2019,

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Its so true that in this world " change " is the only thing which will always be constant. Indian mythology speaks about the same way long time back only. But is it true , true that everything changes in this world? Well, its complex to understand and accept it. But lets see how we can try to do so. 

Can we imagine the world just the same without evolving? Can we imagine the technology not growing ? Can we imagine an organisation not growing ? or very simple, can we imagine a baby not growing into an adult? Yes, everything is changing. They are evolving into new version of themselves. The complex part is never in accepting the change. The Complex part is always how and why did it change. The Flow of change must be there always active. If not everything goes on Stagnant mode. And as the time moves on Stagnant stuff starts to decompose or demolish itself. And right in front of our eyes things dissolve into Environment and time vanishes it into thin air. When Water has to keep moving as rivers to flourish itself and keep it active. Or else stagnant water becomes home for weeds and fungus to grow. And as the time moves on the stagnant water are either sucked inside the earth or evaporated into thin air or left to decompose completely before nature takes it over.     

Alright lets assume that we accept "change is constant" in this world. But Why would a person change into something which we don't like? Doesn't it hurt the people around him/her ? Does't is cause difficulties and uncomfortable to the person who is changing ? Doesn't it disturbance the balance held around? Yes, it definitely does disturbs. Its Destroys the whole tapestry of the Existing scenario. But Change is a must for an individual's growth.   

But the Big Question for all of us is Why do people change ?

There are two major external factors which influence a person.

(i) Wants [Desires/ Hunger] 

No matter what may be the condition or situation of a person, one will get hungry. we need to feed our body with food to fulfil its hunger. People who are even at mourning places gets hungry. We need to feed their hunger too. Well for humans “ Hunger” are not necessary only hunger for food. There are multiple types of Hunger. It can be hunger for food. Hunger for wealth. Hunger for knowledge, Hunger for property. Hunger for sex. Hunger for power. Hunger for love and many more. Every individual’s hunger are different from each other and Hunger demands to be fulfilled. So people work towards fulfilling their hunger in multiple ways. Some are nicer way and some are harsher way. People start changing because they want to adapt to the ways of fulfilling one’s hunger. Necessity is the mother of invention. Right ? Well no hunger, no change, no growth, no invention, no hunger fulfil.    

Lets imagine a person who has all the support system to fulfil all his/her hunger. Do we really thing He/She would not change anymore? 

Well, there is one more external factor which affects a change in a person. Its Fear.

(ii) Fear

Fear need not be necessarily as big as “phobia”. But It can be as tinny as a simple " concern” too. 

Fear can be of multiple types , its can range from fear of darkness to fear of loosing someone. Fear of failure to fear of responsibility. Fear of heights to fear of being lost completely. It can be of multiple fears. Now fear cannot be fulfilled, it needs to be removed completely and its not an easy task. So people acts for change because they fear deep down.

Now in resent days there is this one byproduct factor which is growing very strong day by day which is causing lots of changes in a person thoughts. And thats Interpretation or being judgemental. We assume things which may be real or absolutely false. Lots of relation crises, trust issues, modes of depenadbllites, Growth hampering are getting more and more because of this byproduct of fear. 

How beautiful it would be if we got all our hunger fulfilled and all our fear removed completely with no hiccups!? Well thats just the factors for a person changing. But it also factors for us to grow and move forward. So Art of Change is the art of life Growth.