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Methods to choose Software development outsourcing partner.

Methods to choose Software development outsourcing partner.

Monday July 22, 2019,

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Every organisation needs to have software systems for some purpose or the other as the application of computer systems have pervaded almost all aspects of our lives. So, the best options which remain are to develop them all by yourself by involving your in-house developmental team or to take help from outside. 

Well, am sure you might have come across situations like this in your workplace some time or the other. So, which of the two options would you prefer to take and why? 

In general, it makes more sense to get in touch with a software vendor for your software development outsourcing needs.

Access the best skills:

As more businesses look at ways to align technology to their business needs, the more they realise that their in-house resources do not always have the necessary skill sets which are required for doing the job. The next step that automatically comes is to look outside for professionals who would be devising the necessary solutions which takes care of their needs.

Time to hit the market:

Well, you surely are aware that the first mover is the one who has the competitive advantage over others in business. It is quite often seen that the success of a software project is hugely dependent on the time it takes to hit the market or when it goes live. So, if you happen to deliver your project on time, you get a huge advantage over your competitors. Losing out any competitive advantage directly translates into loss of revenue. So, if you outsource your project to a professional team, it ensures that your project is delivered on budget and in time. Hence, software development outsourcing in this case makes perfect sense. 

Right area to focus on: 

If it happens to be the case that you have to focus on technological advancements etc and how it can be applied to your organisation, you happen to lose sight of your core business activities. In this case if you happen to outsource your requirements then the priorities of your developmental team are not compromised and your core business area remains unaffected. 

Domain knowledge: 

When you outsource your requirements to some professional team you automatically benefit by the huge domain knowledge they have accumulated over the years by developing projects for different businesses. Well, if you wanted to have the same level of domain expertise for your team that in itself would take many years to develop. So, here again, software development outsourcing makes perfect sense. 

Customer expectations: 


A skilled software vendor will help you map your product or services to the target audience that you have in your mind. They can help in making you meet the expectations of the customer through the use of your product. Their team of professionals have acquired deep knowledge on expected customer behaviour and this shall help you in a long way as you go ahead on launching your product or your project goes LIVE. So here again, software development outsourcing works out to be to your advantage. 

Software support activities: 

Well, as you are already aware, developed software always needs support and maintenance. Even after the final deliverable has been delivered, there is always a need for programmers who shall be fixing the bugs and adding new features as and when required. Now, you need to have a dedicated team at your disposal always who shall be giving the necessary fixes. This is best made possible by those who made the software in the first place. That is possible if you have gone for software development outsourcing in the first place. 

Latest technology: 

Most well managed software vendors work on the areas which touch the latest technology, whether it is the language, framework, tools of development, testing methodologies etc. So, instead of spending huge amount of money in training up your own in-house team it makes more sense to tap professionals who are in touch with the latest technologies. In order to do so, you have to go for software development outsourcing for your business needs. 

Global hiring:

As you shall be outsourcing your activities, you have the entire world to choose from. You can make your choice from developers and technicians from across the world. This ensures that you have access to the best available global talent at a price which suits your budget. Also, real time communications tools like Skype, Webex etc make communication fast and effective. This ensures that the entire process is efficient and effective. 

Reduction of software development costs:

Well, this is the most important part of the entire process. The main reason for which outsourcing has been embraced and accepted by businesses is the fact that they help in massive cost reduction and prove to be a better return on investment.  

To put things in perspective, the average annual salary for a software developer in USA is $94,000. So, if you were to develop an application and were looking for in-house for 10 such developers, the cost would be $940,000. Now suppose if you were to outsource the same project to a software vendor in India, where the baseline annual salary for the same level of developers are $14,000, you shall be spending just $140,000 to achieve the same level of output. The difference is a massive $800,000. Now, tell me does it not make sense to go for software development outsourcing. 

Well, now you have just the right idea as to how much you shall benefit if you can outsource your IT needs to a reliable software vendor. Also, as we are based in India, you shall be having benefit to the same level of ROI if you outsource your requirements to us. 

The best thing to move ahead will be if you drop a mail to contact us with your specific requirements. It is an assurance that our developmental team will respond at the earliest and devise solutions which take care of your need and is within the scope of your budget and timeline. 

Well, do drop a feedback or suggestions if any from your end on how you liked going through this article.