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Why I Fall in Love with Online Business (And You Should Too)

Anyone can start online business and live job free life.Recently I made few bucks by doing online business and blogging.I am damn sure you will fall in love with online business and get more clarity on online business.Online businesses are very easy to start,grow and gives you FREEDOM.

Why I Fall in Love with Online Business (And You Should Too)

Wednesday January 23, 2019,

7 min Read

love with online business

Yes,I fall in love with the world of online business and blogging. 

It was always my dream to be OWN BOSS.

So back in the year 2015 I left a high paying job of Rs 80,000 per month just in pursuit of happiness and to start own business. Since then I started and failed in 4 business attempts, lost time, money and other resources.

I made so many business mistakes.

But it was biggest turning point for me, as I exposed to the digital world and learn a lot from failures.

To cut a long story short, I converted these failures as an online business opportunity and launched my 5th business in the form of online business blog wherein I'm helping people to live job free and create a awareness that there are so many online business opportunities.

Yes.I am talking about the todays burning problem, RAT RACE

We (common man) never think life beyond a day job.There is big NO NO even if you called word BUSINESS in society,as common man is only intended to do just JOB and live life on monthly salary.

Today,I am amazed with the results of my discipline approach, learning attitude and hard work

Community appreciated my work.My dream of adding value to community become true.And yes my hard work pay me back.I made money within 6 months of my blog launch.

There are so many online business opportunities and online business ideas that are far better than any high paying job.

Anyone can live job free life,test FREEDOM.

Now I can say that I fall in the love with Online Business World.

Let's see my aha moments and learning

Why I fall in love with Online business that You can

1.Many online business opportunities

My blog has turned gem for me. I'm getting invitations to write for the publications\blogs like this-

Writing inviation on

blog comments

blog commenting

Recently I taped another form of online business opportunity in the form of courses on Skillshare platform.

Note: Skillshare is one of the most used learning platforms wherein you can watch\learn any courses @just $10 per month. Also you can teach and get paid on a monthly basis based on the number of hours watch them.Once you signup you will get 2 months free membership.

My future plan is to run this blog as multiple business opportunities.

Sounds,good? Is this something you want?

This is how you can build passive sources of income by not depending on single online business opportunity

You can run an online business on finger tip while working at my day job.

That's the beauty of online business.

2.There Are Different Types of Online Business

There are so many online business opportunities available today that we can start while doing a day job and from sitting home.

Now along with blogging and online courses, now I can burn my energy on other online businesses like

  • EBooks
  • Online Workshop
  • Online Webinar
  • Selling own info products
  • Paid writing
  • Consulting etc.

This is how I know even if I fail in any one business I have another one to recover from failures

3.Online Business Are Easy to Build

Yes,that's true

Thanks to technology.Most of the Online businesses are very easy to build with the Internet.

Also,you can turn your skills into an online business opportunity.

e.g Suppose you are master or passionate about designs\drawing\writing you can turn these skills into a business opportunity.

You have to simply start a blog\website and flaunt your skills OR you can do freelancing on the popular platform like Fiverr.

This is how I have turned my leanings, experience,failures into new online opportunity and build online business blog Growthfunda.

4.Online Business Requires Less\No Investment

This is another factor that keeps me trying different different online business.

I started my online business journey with no investment. Initially, I started my business with FREE online tools and paid very little charges for internet, domain name and Hosting.

Those days are gone when entrepreneurship was big word and requires so much investment.

You can start\run\grow business with less money or no money.

Most of the online business require below things:

·        Internet connection

·        Website

·        Marketing Channel

Initially you only have to pay for internet connection and use the rest of the free tools\service.Yes you can setup Website on FREE WordPress platform or any other platform and used Social Media as Marketing Channel.

As soon as grow you must invest the money on best WordPress theme , hosting plan and monetize the Website\blog, Social Channel to supercharge rapid business growth.

5.Kind of a Freedom

It excites me when I see so many peoples are making money.

So started affiliate marketing experiments on my blog.Within a 6 months of inception, I started making money from my blog like this.

Affiliate marketing commission report


Blogging gave me a kind of freedom, confidence that everyone can live job free life and achieve financial FREEDOM.

And now today,

  • I achieve Financial FREEDOM.
  • I can roam around anywhere.
  • I can enjoy my own time.
  • I don't have to worry paying heavy bills, EMI.

6.Runs on Autopilot

Thanks to internet era. I don't have to be present everywhere as I can monitor everything online.

On fingertip I'm managing every aspect of the business... Be it content writing, marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, interview etc..

7.Learning Curve

Online business is the field of diversity.

Believe me or not within a year, due to Blogging I exposed to and learn many things like content research, writing, email marketing, graphic design, communication, entrepreneurship, networking, sales............... and so on.

Is this something you want?

How You Can fall in love with Online business

Nothing is difficult in this World, so entrepreneurship.

You have to start some online side hustle to taste the beauty of Online Business.

Stop procrastinating.

Stop saying I don't have time to do something by own, as I'm working full time into 9-5 job.There are so many obstacles in starting your own business but you have to overcome those.

If I can achieve freedom, then YOU can too.

Here is something you can do to fall in love with online business

  1. Identify online business idea.
  2. Start a Website or Blog and provide value to the community i.e solve the problem.
  3. Make a plan for your time and at least add daily 60 mins to your side hustle.
  4. Make a habit to read books.
  5. Content is the king. So write 300-500 words daily to express thoughts. (be it on your blog or Quora or social media)
  6. Monetize your skills and business.
  7. Use social media powerfully to flaunt your business.
  8. Engage with the community to 10X your growth.
  9. Fellow bloggers, influencers.
  10. Read success stories of others. This can help you to gain new business ideas and keep you motivated.

Here are a few lists of business ideas that you can immediately start:

  • Paid online Workshops
  • Paid Seminars
  • Teaching on
  • Selling skills on Fiverr (e.g. Logo design, resume writing, drawing, sketching)
  • Selling info products on your blog like eBooks, Course, Podcast
  • Content writing
  • Graphic design
  • Writing paid reviews
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Domain trading
  • Web space selling
  • Consulting
  • Social Channel moderator
  • Managing Social Media pages

That's it for the day,as I think this enough to digest.


I hope you can also start something by OWN and this new year bring you something on the table.

As mentioned, online businesses are very easy to start than traditional offline business.

Don't worry and don't think too much.

As soon as you finalize the business idea, start a website\blog.Blogging is so powerful weapon to bring leads and grow business.

Do let me know what do you think of Online Business?

Do have any online business?

What is your side hustle?

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