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Why Is Calibration Important in Defense and Aerospace Industry?

India is the largest democracy and its defense force is deemed among the best in the world. Being a major player in the defense and aerospace market, India needs to stay ahead of its competition. This includes excelling in weaponry, science and technological advancement.

Why Is Calibration Important in Defense and Aerospace Industry?

Wednesday February 06, 2019,

3 min Read

Over the past few decades or so, Indian aerospace industry has made heads turn and people take notice of the various milestones it has achieved in space exploration. International market not only appreciates achievement but businesses around the world are collaborating with Indian defense and aerospace industry. The rapid growth of this industry demands India to set new standards and maintain the quality of the products they supply to domestic as well as international buyers. To deliver on this expectation, businesses involved in defense and aerospace industry should collaborate with NABL accredited labs that have state of the art facility to test verify various kinds of measurement equipment.

Why Equipment Testing Is Important in Defense and Aerospace Sector

Equipment Testing Is Important in Defense and Aerospace Sector

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Equipment testing is indispensable for security-related domains such as Defense and Aerospace. Being the sensitive industries that they are, a huge investment is at stake. When so much is on the line, it becomes absolutely essential for the equipment and technology to be used to be at 100% efficiency level. The electronic systems used in security and space are expected to function without an error and be ideal for the scenarios they are meant for. For example, the equipment used for a fighter vehicle is a lot more complex and advanced than those put in use for the civilian counterparts. Any malfunctioning of this equipment would not only be a financial shock but will also result in the loss of the lives of the armed forces. Hence providing a lower utility is simply out of question, making the perfect stage for equipment testing industry. Caring for the irreplaceable millions of lives of both soldiers and countrymen, a lot of responsibility lies on testing labs and calibration service providers.

The Importance of Calibration Checks

Importance of Calibration Checks

Conducting regular calibration checks on measuring equipment has many objectives. Besides checking the accuracy of the instrument, calibration methods help determine the traceability of the measurement. If the instrument fails to meet the required accuracy levels and is out of calibration, it immediately calls for repair of the device. But before we perform calibration, it is important to note one point in this regard. Calibration experts should use only trusted and premium quality testing equipments because if the testing equipment itself is malfunctioning, the results obtained will also be inaccurate further leading to a vicious cycle of complications. So a greater focus should be made on the testing equipments being used. To be more precise, the requirement of ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certification on all testing equipment has become an absolute must. The accuracy of all measuring devices degrades over time as a result of normal wear and tear and due to this reason, calibration services in the testing industry play a vital role such that even military operations are also aiming to focus on performing calibration at regular intervals and meeting the regulatory compliances.

Testing must be carried out regularly and diligently in aerospace and defense by certified calibration testing labs. Precision is of utmost importance as these equipment will be involved in security and highly complicated technological operations. Certified labs can offer best in class calibration services in India to ensure India’s head is held up high in the world.