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Why Laravel is the best PHP framework?

Why Laravel is the best PHP framework?

Wednesday March 27, 2019,

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Today amongst so many PHP development frameworks available, it can be a tough task to decide which PHP framework should make a correct choice for you. Because of its effective features and robust technical abilities Laravel web development is luring a plethora of Laravel web development companies.

Basic factors to decide which framework to choose are generally- cost, experience, time etc. yet there are some other factors too like third-party integration, deployment testing etc. that should be taken into deliberate consideration while choosing the framework.

Today we will discuss how by being a Laravel development company you can benefit by building high-quality products and solutions.

1. Object-Oriented Libraries

One of the top reasons for using the Laravel PHP framework is that it has many top object-oriented libraries and some pre-installed ones which the other PHP frameworks lack. The Authentication library has some advanced features such as password reset, encryption, checking active users, CSRF( Cross-site Request Forgery) Protection etc.

2. Authorization technique

You can configure most of the things in an easy manner with the use of Laravel. Many Laravel app development companies are employing it because of the efficient authorization benefits it showers. Moreover, Laravel also provides simple ways to access the resources and organize authorization logic.

3. MVC support

This reason gives Laravel an edge over other PHP frameworks. MVC support like Symphony ensures clarity between logic and presentation. MVC has much built-in functionality, uses allows better documentation and improved performance.

4. Security

Laravel uses salted and hashed password to keep itself secure. This signifies that password is never saved in the database as plain-text. In order to encrypt the password Bcrypt algorithm is used. The predefined SQL statements help Laravel to avoid injection attacks. To avoid injection of <script> tag, user input can also be escaped through Laravel.

5. Migrating Database

Synchronization of databases between different development machines is one the most difficult tasks for the developers. Rather than using MySQL to sync databases between different development machines you can employe Laravel which gives you the feature of migrating databases. You just need to put all migration work in immigration and seed, which will allow easy migration, including all the changes in any other development machine you may have. This is why Laravel web development is becoming popular in the market.

6. Blade templating engine and automatic discovery of the package

Blade templating engine provides easy and convenient access. Through component() method you can make aliases for longer names.

The automatic discovery of package automatically detects the pages that the user wishes to install. This means that developers do not need to create aliases or providers to install new packages in Laravel. Laravel also allows you to disable this feature for some specific packages.

7. Caching and Unit testing

This is one of the most important features for web developers. Unified API provision is given for different caching system. Through this, the users can easily switch out the drivers.

The feature of Unit testing provides helper methods to conveniently test the applications. In order to avoid certain unexpected breakdowns while making a new update, some several other tests are also performed.

Thus you see because of the effective features, tools, and functions Laravel provides, it surely makes a great choice for your web development. Hire a Larval web developer in order to build some efficient and powerful solutions which allow you to beat your competitors in the market.