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Why most Developers are Looking for Python to Enhance their Future Growth

Why most Developers are Looking for Python to Enhance their Future Growth

Thursday July 04, 2019,

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There has been a sudden increase in the job opportunities for the programmers in the field of web development and mobile application development due to which demand for experts in programming languages such as Python has increased manifold.

Introduction to Python

Python is an open-source and supports the object-oriented programming languages which find use in various applications such as development, testing, and scripting. The sudden surge in the popularity of Python among developers is due to its versatility and simplicity.

Another reason for intense fame is that it is a universal language which can meet various requirements related to web development. Besides the world's largest technological company, Google has been utilizing the given language for its numerous web applications and thus made it a popular choice among the developers to learn it to achieve success in their careers.

Various reports have shown that there has been 456% of growth in Python among developers of different reputed companies to develop precise web applications for their successful online business. 

Python Popularity

Image Source: Statista

The above figure indicates an increase in demand for Python among professional developers that are as high as 25.9%, which displays its high and immense popularity among the developers to create suitable web applications appropriately.

There are various factors which have driven Python towards sudden prominence:

A.   High Demand in Data Science

The data science has become a hot topic across the industrial circuit and has been tipped as the future industry for high job prospects. For developers, the given field has opened a good number of opportunities to ensure high growth in their career.

Various studies have found that Python is the most suitable programming language for the given field because:

§ Easy to Learn

§ Good Data Handling Capabilities

§ High Popularity

§ High Speed and Flexibility

§ Have wide Community Support

B.    High Versatility

There are various factors which has made Python highly versatile programming language across the world:

§ Easy to Code

§ Expressive Language

§ Interpretive Language

§ Wide Range of Framework such as Django and Flask

§ High Compatibility

So learning such high versatile language will significantly help the developers to achieve high growth prospect.

C.   Acceptance as Language in Machine Learning (ML)

The future of technology belongs to ML, and yet, there is no programming language which will feel the role of developing the given field appropriately. Here, Python as a most popular programming language could fill the gap.

The crucial factor in making an accurate decision in ML is to understand the data well. In such a scenario, the application of Python will come handy as it is easy to understand and will tackle all the issues related to the incomplete, raw, and unstructured data.

D.   Permit Developers to Build App in Multiple Domains

One of the essential factors why developers prefer Python is that it is not restricted to any one specific domain. Python programs are capable of building an application for any field, device, or platform such as desktop, web app, and smartphone games.

Summing Up

Python is now the new potential outlook among the numerous programming language with high demand in web development, data science, and machine learning. So working with a leading Python development agency will help a developer to sharpen their understanding and skills related to the given language and achieve new height in their career.