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Why Should You Buy VPS Hosting Services in India?

Why Should You Buy VPS Hosting Services in India?

Thursday November 08, 2018,

4 min Read

It is a good idea for small and medium sized businesses to buy VPS hosting services in India because these plans allow you to get almost all benefits of dedicated hosting for much lower costs. In VPS hosting, a physical server is partitioned and there are multiple virtual private servers created as a result. Each of these runs its operating system and enjoys a definite amount of resources like RAM or CPU or bandwidth which they do not have to share with others. So, in VPS, the virtual machines basically work like stand-alone servers just like in dedicated hosting. These are dedicated to a customer’s individual needs and enjoy privacy of a physical server, except that the infrastructure is shared amongst many virtual servers. So, as users, you have to root access to this server and you are free to install your preferred scripts and custom applications on this server for very low rates.

Reasons to choose VPS hosting services in India?

  • One of the strongest reasons to buy VPS hosting services in India is because you will not have to manage the servers on your own when you choose managed VPS. You can rent the resources as and when you need them. You can also ensure maximum utilization of your virtual server as you lease only what you require. There are no upfront costs that you will have to pay for the server as in the case of a physical server. You will not have to be bothered about its ongoing maintenance or upgrades.

  • A rather interesting benefit which VPS offers is control over the server even though it is not dedicated hosting. In VPS, you can enjoy root access to the server. So you can reboot the server and make necessary changes to its configuration. In shared hosting you must share the server with many other users. The problem here is that if any website uses malicious scripts your site automatically gets affected. But, in VPS, you can run your server like a private server and its stays isolated from its neighbors.

  • When you own a physical server there is the problem of portability of application. But VPS hosting offers a hug benefit in this regard; you can upgrade and downgrade the servers simply by requesting your host. Your provider will shift server images (VPS accounts) to another server with least downtime.

  • When you buy VPS hosting services in India your server performances will not be affected by neighbors which share the same server space. Whether it is bandwidth or memory or processing power, the virtual servers are far less affected by neighboring sites because the host will give you a definite amount of resources only for your own use.

  • When you buy VPS hosting, you do not have to worry about security. When you outsource your server to another provider you constantly fear threats of cyber attacks. But VPS plans will ensure that all your files stay behind strong firewalls and there is a secure partition for data protection. This high degree of security makes VPS almost comparable to dedicated plans except that these are far less costly.

  • With cheap VPS Windows hosting plans you may start off a small business which soon grows into a large business. You have complete scalability and adding resources is never going to be an issue with VPS hosting. you can even downgrade the plan when you find that your business has suffered a setback.

  • Hardware is likely to fail at any time but when you own a small company, you cannot afford to have to have too many downtimes. At the same time, you cannot afford two physical servers. VPS hosting guarantees high reliability and high performance like physical servers minus the high costs.