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Why Small Businesses Should Stay Away From Cheap SEO Services

Why Small Businesses Should Stay Away From Cheap SEO Services

Tuesday January 22, 2019,

4 min Read

Have you ever came across offers like SEO in 30 $, link building in 20 $? And, have you wondered if it is genuine? The answer is – No. You will find many small agencies and freelancers who can offer you SEO in as less as 50$ for your website. So if you can get SEO done at a dirt cheap price, why are many agencies charging you so much for SEO?

The answer is – SEO is a long-term, well planned, effortful process which is not affordable at dirt cheap rates. SEO takes a lot of efforts when intended to be done right. A successful SEO needs a lot of resources, customized solutions, and intelligence to figure out technical website issues and its needs. A reputed SEO agency that is ready to do all the above things for your website will definitely not do it at dirt cheap price.

Thus, if you are truly willing to see your website on rank #1, you’ll have to spend more than just 20$.

Here are 5 reasons why you should say no to cheap SEO services.

1) Quantity is preferred over quality.

When it comes to link building, quality of links is what makes the difference. Getting 100 low-quality backlinks will not drive your website anywhere but 1 good quality backlink can. People who claim 50 backlinks in 20$ (or even less) will just waste your 20$.

Link building is the process where your website URL gets featured in other websites. If a high DA aka domain authority website adds your link on it, search engine considers your website to be a genuinely good quality website and thus, your website’s domain authority increases too. Link building is the major factor in SEO to get better ranking on search engine. Always opt for Professional SEO Packages that offers quality oriented services.

2) Content is king and thus it can’t be trashy.

Your content will decide the fate of your website. The content has to be SEO friendly which should follow all the search engine precepts.

Any person who claims to write SEO content for your website at as less as 30$ will just write an essay for your website with zero SEO attributes in it. The content on your website is read by the search engine and it judges your website based on the content.

Thus, make sure that only an SEO expert should write content for your website. Any SEO expert will not work for you at a cheap rate because they can’t afford it.

3) No long-term ranking

SEO gives you long-term keyword ranking on search engines but only when done genuinely.

Anyone who claims to rank 5 keywords for your website at a cheap price will rank it for very short time. As soon as Google recognizes it as spammy, all keyword rankings will be lost. Also, the keywords ranked keywords will have very low to zero searches. Thus, it’s of no use.

Truly speaking, it takes time and efforts to rank keywords in search engines. Ranking for keywords with high competition is even tougher. There is no point of ranking for keywords which have very fewer searches or no searches at all.

4) No customized solutions

SEO tactics cannot be same for every website. Every website has to be planned and worked upon depending on:

  1. The type of website (like e-commerce website, blog, etc)
  2. The field that it serves
  3. The competitors it has
  4. Website technical issues

Your website has to be audited before making an SEO plan. SEO Audit will tell you the niches on which you need to focus while doing SEO.

So do you still think that a 50$ SEO package (which is common for every business) will serve your purpose? Obviously not. You’ll just end up losing 50$ here.

Advice: To get a customized SEO Service for your website, always prefer a Reputed SEO Service Provider Only.

5) You may get penalized by Google

Anyone who claims to get you on rank #1 on the search engine in few days will definitely use some tactics which aren’t accepted by Google search engine. Thus, the chances of getting penalized by Google are high. As already mentioned, SEO is a slow process that needs a lot of efforts. It is impossible to fool Google and if you try to use tactics that aren’t legal then your website may get blacklisted by Google.

Thus, cheap SEO Services are just waste of money. They won’t guarantee long-term ranking and May also, get you a penalty.

SEO is a time consuming, slow and effortful process that can’t be done at a very cheap price.