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Why Should you Consider In-app Referral Marketing ?

Why Should you Consider In-app Referral Marketing ?

Tuesday May 21, 2019,

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Gathering a large user base is essential for every business, and referral marketing is a great tool to achieve this goal. Not it is just a simple way for increasing app user base, but also it is an effective way that allows app owners to boost app visibility among users. Though, many app owners take this method for granted and don't understand. its value in app marketing campaign. There could be many reasons for this response. but the basic cause would be lack of awareness and knowledge. While keeping this aspect in mind. I am explaining some major aspects related to In-app referral marketing.


What is referral marketing?

This type of marketing includes the spreading of words about the application through the existing users. In referral marketing. existing customers refer the app to their friends and family. It works as word-of-mouth marketing. which is about telling people about the product or service. A majority of things that goes viral utilize this method of marketing. it is an old spice that is available in marketing field from years. But! In online and app marketing it is being questioned many times, as people barely trust the information available online.

Though, various big brands are taking advantage of it. The idea of referral marketing is simple and to achieve better return on investment. developers need to have best strategy that can attract them in a huge chunk. In-app activities are the best ways to achieve this objective. and in-app referral marketing allows developers to attain a stringent bound that can attract users through the word of mouth. This type of activity is convincing enough and boost the visibility of application. However, a lot of app owners ask why referral marketing is essential. Let's understand basic reasons for picking app referral marketing.

Why pick in-app referral market?

Humans have the tendency to value the other's opinion. especially if the person who is giving opinion is a friend or relative. and this is very common while shopping. Similarly, people always love to try the application. if their friends are using a particular app. Altogether, two three words of admiration also boost up the excitement about the application, which compels people to download the application.

The same thing happens when an application is not able to fulfill the users' expectations. But! if all is good an app becomes popular among people easily in minimal time. The whole purpose of the story is others opinion matters to users when they decide on trying an app.

Now comes the real application of referral marketing. With in-app referral feature. existing users refer the application to their contacts and tell them how amazing the application it. It entices people to try out the application. It spread the app awareness and earns recognition for application. Therefore, app owners love to integrate this idea into their app marketing strategy.

Benefits of app referral marketing

Boosts App Image: Indeed, this sounds ridiculous, but it is a fact. A quality in-app referral program can be talked about at great length, and there is a minor need for promotions. as it can be effective with or without promotion. Incidentally, there is no restriction on sharing opinion on social media and for users. it is a great opportunity to share their opinion about applications. With the in-app referral program, users can easily share their opinion about the app. Simple things such as Facebook post referring a link, can boost your app's image and can attract more users, as they will consider the information from a trusted source.

Keeps the application in limelight

The number of application is increasing in app stores that serve a similar purpose, and decline in app downloads are frequent. In such scenarios, referral marketing is the best way that can impact the app popularity and can keep the application in limelight.

The purpose can be achieved by conducting referral programs with 'app only discount'. It can hold the focus of users and can boost app downloads. Referral marketing is a tactic that can be created as per the need of business and can be tested and modified for app growth.

Fast and high ROI

The most appreciated benefit of in-app referral program is high return on investment. The fact you need to consider is your acquisition costs should be moderate. not so low, as the returns and investment always go hand in hand. This is an effective way that allows huge return on investment, as it no just boosts the popularity of application but also allow apps to engage users to the application.

What else you need to know about in-app referral marketing?

Integration in-app referral activities are essential and they should be installed effectively. But!! developers and app owners don't consider crucial aspects of the strategy. but a focused and definite approach can be helpful to achieve success. Here are some points that you must consider while integrating referral marketing activity in your app.

Optimize for devices- it is very important to make the application compatible with all devices and all customers can see referral feature on the homepage.

Offer a+1 feature- There might be chances that you and your competitor would be offering a similar referral program to users. It is wise to offer a+1 feature so that you can stand apart from your competitor.

To achieve this objective, it is very crucial to provide special benefits to users at least for a limited period to gain attention. If you get successful in doing this. then you can earn some extra winning points and can attain success for your app. 

Now, you would have understood how referral marketing is effective and beneficial. If you want to increase the user base, you need to leverage this method but remember it requires strategic planning and research. So, ensure doing proper research and consider essential, while integrating referral marketing activities in your app.