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Women Entrepreneurs in India: Why it is critical to encourage Women Entrepreneurship?

Women Entrepreneurs are no less than any other entrepreneur. They are equally talented and usually posses more practical skills and knowledge as compared to the other gender.

Women Entrepreneurs in India: Why it is critical to encourage Women Entrepreneurship?

Wednesday November 28, 2018,

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Women Entrepreneurship in India
Women Entrepreneurship in India

Women contribute to 50% of the population constituting humanity. It's been more than a millennial since men have been touted as being the true torchbearers when it comes to running and leading society.

The world,

And the other half, women have been pushed into oblivion and irrelevance. Men are 50 per cent of the human population and women the other half.

They are two pillars of the same building. A structure needs all its pillars to be functional enough; a balance needs to be struck, so it moves with perfection.

If one of its pillars is more strengthened than the other, sooner or later, the structure will collapse, and it'll function accidentally. Same goes with the human race; if one of its pillars is more empowered than the other, it's inevitable that it'll crumble.

Why Do Women fail to initiate?

It is necessary to understand the core challenges faced by the Women Entrepreneurs so that we can create an equal platform for them. There could be several reasons why women fail to take initiatives.

·      The male-dominated environment makes women feel that they either do not fit in or lack the required skills.

·      Lack of a safe working environment, outdoor travelling or odd working hours.

·       Fail to reach out to financial help or raise funding from the investors.

·       Lack of confidence to come out and face the world.

There can be other factors like different country impacts, social or economic factors or gender biases which build a gap between male and female.

In the case of underdeveloped countries or backward states, the issues might be large in number since people there lack from awareness and education.

Women fail to understand the area(s) they require to focus on and incomplete knowledge about entrepreneurship or business worsens the case.

Need for Women Entrepreneurs

According to a report, 8 million women started their enterprises in India, and only 10 per cent of the formal enterprises are women-owned. That's an incredibly shameful, dismal figure.

The society and Governments across the world have recognized the need for female leadership."Women make better leaders" is often a statement we hear a lot.

And rightly so, they are enough researches to prove so. For one, women tend to be more rational in their decision making than men, who tend to be rather impulsive.

Women majorly focus on small or medium scale businesses which are similar to their household activities like retail, beauty or food services.

If provided with adequate business training, their initiatives can yield fruitful results. Entering into the male-dominated sectors like construction, manufacturing or electronics they can earn three times more than they earn in their traditional form of business. 

How to promote Women Entrepreneurship in India?

empowering women
empowering women

The time is to promote Women Entrepreneurship and bring out their hidden talent and skills.

It is essential to develop the initiative skills in women, mentor them and introduce them to the changing market trends and working strategies will also break the barrier. 

Generating easy way for financial access, banking procedures, behavior towards women entrepreneurs of the government, eliminate gender-biased policies will also help to break the barrier. 

There are several measures taken by the Government of India to make sure women of the country stay motivated. Different schemes are initiated for their benefit and to promote business on a large scale.

·      Trade Related Entrepreneurship Assistance and Development. (TREAD)

·      Mahila Vikas Nidhi.

·      Co-operative Schemes, and many more.

The Concluding thought is,

Women Entrepreneurs cannot be manufactured or developed. They have to stand up for themselves and analyse the opportunities that work in their favor.