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Meet Yash Gupta, 21-Year Old Delhi Guy Has Aspirations of Establishing His Own Digital Company After Completing Studies

Meet Yash Gupta, 21-Year Old Delhi Guy Has Aspirations of Establishing His Own Digital Company After Completing Studies

Wednesday April 29, 2020,

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Yash Gupta

One of the biggest merits of social media is that it will potentially see an upward trend no matter what. During the regular routine, social media did well and now amidst the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a substantial growth of its usage. Social media is not just limited to chatting or posting pictures. It is more than that, in fact, it is a medium to establish brands and earn money simply sitting at home.

Over the last few years, many brands have built their presence online to reach a wider audience. It has seen a tremendous growth of influencers and bloggers in different categories. Be it lifestyle, fashion, tech, beauty, food or travel, the bloggers have made their presence everywhere. An emerging name in the digital world, Yash Gupta established himself as a promising name among other influencers.

What does he do?

Yash Gupta is a student who is currently studying Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from Amity International Business School, Noida. He is an expert in social media monitoring, brand strategy and brand marketing. Besides this, the 21-year old guy is the CEO of Tambhveda, a manufacturer of Brass Utensils which makes copper bottles of unique designs. The young entrepreneur is also responsible for establishing many businesses and brands over the digital space with his unique strategies.

His unique strategical plan

“Every brand has a different target audience. If you compare an FMCG product to a beauty product, its marketing strategy and target audience would be different. Also, the plan to promote it digitally will have a unique campaigning strategy. Understanding the target audience before doing online branding is very necessary. Do your homework before jumping to any conclusion”, says Yash.

Striking balance between academics and work

Managing two things at one go is not an easy task. But Yash Gupta makes it easier. The young entrepreneur who is also pursuing his studies has given a dedicated time to academics and a fixed time to his work. He believes that while studying, he will not bring work in between and vice-versa. That’s where he wins the game as the young talent knows what needs to be prioritized at what time.

The never-ending demand for social media

According to Yash, social media is the most diverse field which will flourish in any given situation. He explains how it has been an integral part of our lives. “We are using social media since a very long time. In the coronavirus pandemic, it has shown its true potential. Not just people are working from home, but it has also kept you close to your near and dear ones. Apps like TikTok have boomed during this time and content creators are filling in their pockets with their incredible work.”

He also stated that many artists and celebrities are dependent on social media to connect to their fans through live sessions. Social media in the coming years will see a lot of innovations as many brands have taken are building their presence digitally.

Future plans

Being an entrepreneur and influencer, Yash Gupta’s future plans are to have his own digital agency which will offer 360-degree services to the brands and influencers. “I am currently learning and earning. Once I will finish my academics, I have my plans to start my own company and establish it as a brand”, quoted Gupta.

Currently, in the phase of lockdown, Yash Gupta is already learning several new courses online. With high hopes and aspirations, this young talent will surely build an empire for himself in the years to