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Your startup is falling on search engines? SEO has your back

Your startup is falling on search engines? SEO has your back

Your startup is falling on search engines? SEO has your back

Monday April 29, 2019,

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Over 67000 searches are made on Google every single day! Ninety-three percent of global online experiences all begin with online searches. Nowadays, you can’t survive without having a sound online presence. And this is even more true for startups than for any other businesses.

Why so?

Well, almost 70 percent of all startups fail. The odds are already against small businesses. The last thing you would want is to further up the stakes by not investing in building a robust online presence.

What is a robust online presence?

In today’s world, it is prevalent to hear about the importance of having a presence online. But, the question arises, what exactly classifies as a strong presence?

Think of all the relevant searches that can be made regarding your company. Look them up and see whether or not your business comes up in the top search result. If it doesn’t, it means your startup is failing on search engines. It doesn’t matter how great your product or service is. People won’t be able to see it unless it comes up at a respectable ranking in the search engine. Think about the last time you looked past the first search result page of Google. Only a few do so. And even fewer trust the businesses that show up in following pages.

This means that to attract traffic to your website and to convert them into potential and loyal customers, you need to have a high ranking.

SEO saves the day

A great way to ensure a high ranking is through SEO. Rather than letting it all rest on the verdict of Google, the least you can do is to make a strong case for yourself. Here are the different strategies a professional SEO company, like SEtalks.com, uses to deliver a boost in your search engine ranking.

1.   Keyword search

How do you know which words you must optimize your content for? A thorough keyword search is what comes in handy for detecting the right keywords. You don’t just need relevant words in your content. Instead, you require words that are highly searched by your target audience. And this the type of information you can only attain through keyword research. A quality SEO company begins its SEO campaign by looking for high performing keywords. These words can then be added to your content as seamlessly and contextually as possible.

2.   Managing backlinks

Apart from working on your website, SEO also helps improve your ranking by attracting quality backlinks as well as managing them all. Google doesn’t just rank you on the basis of your content and structure. Instead, it also assesses you considering how others view you. The fact that quality websites are linking back to your content says a lot about your position in the industry.

How does SEO ensure quality links? Again, through quality content. If you relay information like an expert and hence are actually providing benefit to your customers, you are more likely to gain the attention of other editors who are writing to inform your target audience. And when they find that you can help, they will link back to you.

3.   Code, structure and architecture optimization

SEO doesn’t just revolve around content. It also has a lot to do with the overall experience that you deliver to your customer. This is because Google’s algorithm takes factors like load speed and user experience into account as well. So, to improve your ranking, you must work on these factors. SEO works on them by altering your site’s code and structure to improve its speed. Moreover, SEO professionals also make changes to your meta tags, title tags and pictures to best optimize them. Therefore, it is not just a game of words. There is a lot of factors involved. This holistic approach is what makes SEO so effective.

Challenges of SEO

Optimizing your content and your website might be your best chance at getting a quality rank. However, this doesn’t mean that the journey is without challenges. Here are some obstacles that you might face along the way.

High expectations

Sometimes startups expect SEO to begin reaping effects from day one. Be mentally prepared that this is not how it works. Instead, SEO takes its time to show results. This is mainly because the campaign works to improve your organic ranking. And it takes time for Google to take notice and accept the changes you make.

Similarly, it takes time for customers to begin trusting you or for other sites to link back to you.

Additionally, know that getting the top spot on a search engine is a game. And everyone is trying to win. Just because you are investing in SEO doesn’t mean you will get the top spot. Instead, your competitors might be spending much more for the same objective. It is essential to know that there are no guarantees in the world of SEO.

Allocation of budget

For startups, one of the most pressing concerns is related to money. In fact, most startups fail because of cash flow management. The same problem of allocation of resources can also spring up during SEO campaigns.

Unless you allocate budget for it from the get-go, keeping in mind your SEO needs and objectives, you are bound to overspend. This is because there are various aspects of SEO and each may demand its own share of the budget. For instance, you need to divide your money effectively between guest posting, content promotion, content creation, social media management, and backlink generation.

Make sure to use your budget wisely to avoid major pitfalls in SEO.


Invest in SEO to make sure that your startup gains a strong position in the market from the start. It doesn’t matter how small or big your company is, if it gets a good rank on search engines, people are likely to invest in it. Leverage the power of digital platforms. Focus on delivering an optimized and beneficial experience to your customers and watch as your website soars high.

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