Akanksha Mittal

A flag-bearer of early-stage startups that are creating financial solutions for lower and middle-income segments.
Akanksha Mittal is the Portfolio Manager at CIIE, the top entrepreneurship centre at IIM-Ahmedabad. An MBA from IIM-A herself, Akanksha has had a wide array of expertise in companies like Centre for Civil Society, Accenture Strategy, International Innovation Corps, and now at CIIE. Here, she focuses on supporting early-stage startups involved in creating financial solutions for lower and middle- income segments. She has also been key part of the Bharat Inclusion Initiative set up by CIIE. Her focus is on solving some of India’s toughest problems, such as skilling, livelihood generation, financial inclusion, and healthcare.


Awards and Recognitions
YourStory’s 100 Emerging Voices of 2019
True to her focus on financial inclusion and healthcare, Akanksha has written on how startups can solve the most critical patient pain-point of the insurance process, and healthcare access for the gig economy. She believes that the healthcare sector, which is projected to grow to $280 million by 2020, can get a fillip with new startups catering to the needs of customers harassed by unpaid claims while building trust in a sector rife with problems. Her articles outline that if a trusted B2C brand is built in the healthcare insurance sector, the target market size is only bound to grow with app usage. Moreover, data collected by a startup is useful for insurers to design better insurance products, helping the startup develop a more defensible revenue stream over time.