Ankush Gera

Skill gaming expert and Junglee Games founder Ankush Gera believes online games are the next leading destination for VC investments.
Ankush Gera started Junglee Games in San Francisco with backing from top tier investors. He had previously founded Monsoon, a boutique software company that was acquired by Capital One. Ankush is a limited partner in funds Metastable, Upshift, Fearless.vc, Tandeme, Kae Capital, and a Venture Partner at Unshackled. He is on the board of Kunai, Kintohub, and Rainfactory, and an active angel investor in startups Lottery.com, SVAcademy, Back to the roots, Cloudability, 15five, Devoted Health, Wunder, Lift Aircraft, Quorum, Jetpack Overflow, Biscuit Labs, Fynd, Roomify, Inkbox, and the Gravity Group.


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YourStory’s 100 Emerging Voices of 2019
Ankush writes about a range of topics, right from the skill gaming industry and tips for startup growth to the different ways startups can kick-start their business. As the founder of a skill gaming startup, his writing on the gaming industry revolves around the meteoric rise of online games and how it augurs glorious prospects for the skill gaming industry in India. He writes on how skill gaming is going to be the next leading destination for VC investments, now that the sector is commanding the same interest and recognition as other verticals. Ankush also writes on consolidation in a space that has nearly 300 online gaming startups and companies. Ankush believes that as gaming companies continue to mature, top-level talent that would have otherwise knocked at the doors of Amazon or the ilk is now joining gaming companies.

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