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Dinesh Bbhasin

Entrepreneur, advertiser, strategist, and more — Dinesh Bbhasin is helping businesses build their brands, client relationships, and accelerating business growth.
Dinesh is a seasoned advertising professional who has been helping entrepreneurs build brands for the last 16 years. Founder of two ventures ‘bread n butter’ & ‘Butterly Yours’, he is a keen planner, strategist, and implementer with demonstrated abilities in brand management, devising brand building activities, and accelerating the business growth. He brings years of experience in corporate communication, image, brand building, and client relationships.


Awards and Recognitions
YourStory's 100 Digital Influencers of 2020
With his years of experience, Dinesh writes articles on how businesses can build their brands and what strategies need to be implemented. He believes over time, promotional merchandise and/or corporate gifts have become important for advertising products and services. According to him, businesses need the right marketing approach to reach the right audience. He advises that advertising and promotion is not an expense but an investment for a company. Here is a glimpse to Dinesh’s writing “Advertising and promotions are an investment, not an expense. More the utility, better the usage. People remember a free gift and a silent yet visible relationship is built. A free shampoo pouch with Femina not only increases the sales of Femina but, a consumer is associated with the brand and the organisation both.”