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Dr Deb Mukherji

A PhD in Economics, Dr Deb Mukherji has worked with the likes of Suzuki and Honda. He believes that by having a data-driven approach, any industrial challenge can be resolved.
Dr Deb Mukherji has completed his MTech from IIT-Delhi and PhD in Economics from Jamia Millia Islamia University. He is currently driving the electric vehicle vertical of the Anglian Omega Group. An expert in the automotive industry, Deb has worked with global auto giants such as Suzuki and Honda, and has been instrumental in setting up greenfield plants across India, Mexico, and Thailand. He believes that by having a data-driven approach, any industrial challenge can be resolved.


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YourStory's 100 Digital Influencers of 2020
Dr Deb Mukherji has in-depth knowledge about the automotive industry. After completing his PhD, he wrote and presented a paper on Indian and global platforms containing detailed analysis of the global competitiveness of the Indian auto-component industry. He likes writing about technology, risk mitigation, current economic issues, trends, and changes in EV and automotive industries. Through the power of writing, he has also presented his ideas on how new-age digital India can flourish and prosper from a consumer-driven perspective. Two trends highlighted by him will gain prominence in the coming times. First, how personal use cars are expected to see an increase owing to infections, health, and safety concerns with shared mobility. And second, how the coronavirus pandemic presents an opportunity to strengthen local economies. “It is a great opportunity for Tier-I and II businesses to prepare a long-term roadmap for creating an ecosystem for components industry in businesses like mobile phones, computer components, electric vehicle components, high technology railways and transportation systems. Tier I/II/III companies need to work together and create a joint working model to develop complete product lines. This is a model successfully deployed in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.” “Being good or being excellent is not enough in the modern business world. Global customers require innovative world-class products and services at all times. This could be a great opportunity for Indian makers to increase their level of production factories and supply lines to global standards. It calls for very high levels of hygiene, cleanliness, standardisation, and visualisation at the shop floors. It also calls for a system driven approach to the businesses.”

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