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Geetika Dayal

A fierce promoter of the Indian startup ecosystem, Geetika Dayal is vocal about policies affecting startups and guides women entrepreneurs on their journey to success.
Geetika Dayal has witnessed the Indian startup ecosystem grow for nearly two decades as the Executive Director of The IndUS Entrepreneurs (TiE), Delhi-NCR. Her own tryst with entrepreneurship began the year India opened its economy to the world in 1991, when she took over the family business at 21 as her father passed away. Having seen the startup ecosystem evolve over the years, Geetika believes “it has become one of the safest and most forward-minded domains in the world.” Her leadership at TiE has also played key roles in fostering networking among stakeholders of the startup ecosystem including entrepreneurs, investors, and government officials.


Awards and Recognitions
YourStory's 100 Digital Influencers of 2020
Geetika Dayal is one of the constant voices on anything to do with the Indian startup ecosystem, be it the impact of macroeconomic policy on entrepreneurs or giving advice on ways to keep businesses and startups afloat from time to time, especially during the pandemic. The leader has also spoken of how women face a greater social and financial barrier in pursuit of entrepreneurship or any professional goals, and is quick to come up with names of women doing exceptional work. Not one to shy away from digging into the bigger picture, Geetika has written about the growth challenges that Indian startups face in entering a successful IPO. “The onus of taking the reins of the Indian entrepreneurship has fallen upon the new-age Indian woman and she must leverage the benefits that are being provided to her to drive the maximum results.”