Savitha Kuttan

Leading a venture in the field of healthcare and raising a voice against the dire state of rural healthcare
Savitha Kuttan has been working in the field of healthcare for more than a decade now, and with her experience in the field of pharmacy she has shown keen interest in understanding the primary healthcare sector. She specialises in continuous medical education, digital enablers, content marketing, digital marketing, marketing, and pharma sales. She has been heading the commercial operations in emerging markets of Mylan Laboratories Limited since 2010 and comes with years of experience in the field of healthcare solution implementation. Besides, she strongly believes that, in order for India to become an economic superpower, the country needs to focus on the state of its healthcare sector.


Awards and Recognitions
YourStory’s 100 Emerging Voices of 2019
Savitha has been vocal about the issues in the Indian healthcare sector, from expressing how the rural sector needs to be relooked at to training for primary healthcare doctors. She has also raised concerns on the technological advancements required in the field of healthcare to help train doctors much faster and with more ease. Her articles highlight how most doctors, both private and government, avoid working in non-urban centers citing lack of medical infrastructure, safety, and sanitation. In addition to the need for leveraging technology to train doctors, Savitha also believes that blockchain technology can be used to share healthcare data in a transparent manner and to protect it from manipulation. According to her, the technology greatly reduces the risk of data fraud as every transaction carried out with blockchain is time-stamped and immutable.