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Shashwat Das

As a brand specialist for startups, Shashwat’s insights help startups look at their brand’s growth from a very different lens, and helps them reach the true potential of their brands.
Shashwat Das is a serial entrepreneur with a rare combination of business logic and creative flair. His first startup WOW Design has been the force behind some of the most popular brand revamps in the country. He now heads Almond, a leading strategic brand and design consultancy. Having developed brand and design strategy for major clients, including 3M, Amul, ITC, Kellogg’s, CavinKare, Heinz, Berger, and Emami, among others, Shashwat’s writing comes from an enriching experience of creating brands, leading teams, and growing businesses. He develops brand and marketing strategies that are linked with effective tactical plans that integrate within the business, are simple, understandable, and hence, fully implemented.


Awards and Recognitions
YourStory's 100 Digital Influencers of 2020
Having a successful brand strategy can be the difference between having your moment at the very top of the mountain and crashing straight to the bottom. A phenomenal brand is a difference between ‘this looks cool, I wonder how it tastes,’ and ‘oh, McDonald's just came out with a new breakfast range? I HAVE to try it!’ It’s the difference between, ‘This product is on discount, might be of a bad quality,’ and ‘OMG, Nike is on sale, I’ve been waiting all year to catch this.’ If you want to understand the true gravitas of solid brand building, Shashwat’s work will help you understand that and more. “These are exceedingly testing times for brands. By the time the COVID-19 crisis is over, we will realise the real impact it will have on the way brands conduct their businesses, as well as our societies at large. It’s likely to boost online shopping, online education, flexibility in work-from-home policies, increased healthcare investments, and better sanitation facilities, to think of a few.”