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Schweta Merchant Gandhi, founder of HappyMinds is on a mission to positively affect 500,000+ lives globally 

Founder and Director of a company that is transforming lives, bringing smiles and happiness to everyone’s faces, HappyMinds, Schweta Merchant Gandhi believes that we are the Chief Happiness Officers of our own lives.

Birth of Happy Minds

“The sole mission of my company is to transform lives. There is a massive gap between who we really are and what we truly want to become,” says Schweta, an epitome of positivity, enthusiasm and energy.

Being a dual specialist in Marketing and Retail from MIT Pune, Schweta is also a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner through American Board of NLP. She has been working as a Life Skill Trainer for 5 years through her venture HappyMinds which is empowering people by training them in soft skills, life skills and bringing them closer to the best version of themselves.

Extensive mind-mapping, inspiring attitude shift, creating a happy mind & healthy thought process are her expertise.

A social venture spreading Happiness

HappyMinds offers services like training, seminars and workshop sessions and events on positive parenting, entrepreneurial empowerment, confidence building, communication, home makers empowerment, corporate training, youth conferences, positive thinking sessions and many more. They stress on the individual’s inner happiness and positivity in each of their service as that brings out the best results in everything ranging from rigorous corporate training to more relaxed street play events.

The organisation has a flat model, having more that 25 volunteers associated with them. "The most interesting part of our business model is that we are highly customer centric, we sell happiness which lies inside each of us, and not some product or commodity," remarks Schweta, the boss who takes fun seriously and ensures all employees are always happy and cheerful.

HappyMinds in America

Having touched the lives of more than 50,000 people through HappyMinds, Schweta is truly a youth icon in every way. Being based out of Surat, she doesn't feel that it has restricted her to reach out to people. Having started her career initially in Pune, she now travels across the nation and the globe to spread her message of happiness and positivity. She has conducted various sessions like training, mentoring, leadership courses and many more in Surat, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore in India and Los Angeles, New York City and Miami in the USA.

The team has been proudly associated with Infosys, Wipro, IMS, Delhi Public School, Emerson and Sun Infosystems as their corporate trainers.

Business through Innovation

At an early age of 24 years, Schweta was the youngest speaker on the panel across the country for her Social Contribution at the TEDx TALK platform. Apart from lectures, Schweta and her team is always innovative and uses fun activities like morning jogs, camping, take performances, street plays, night walks to deliver their message and impact the lives of people. "Happy minds is a factory that makes one imbibe tons of positivity, soft and life skills and happiness resulting into a massive transformation of oneself," says Schweta who has been often awarded as a youth leader, powerful woman and the youngest social entrepreneur in various events in Surat.

Inspiration is everywhere…..

After having successfully trained and transformed the lives and hearts of over 50,000 people across India and USA, she aims to reach out to a total of 5,00,000 people globally by 2020.

‘Inspiration is everywhere and it has to find YOU working. Wake up, dress up and show up-no matter what’, believes Schweta and is her message for the young aspiring entrepreneurs.


  • Schweta Merchant Gandhi- Founder, HappyMinds
  • An organisation that stay United
  • Various Innovative sessions
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