TrulyMadly’s plan to reach Bharat users to help people find love

Speaking at TechSparks 2021, Snehil Khanor, Co-founder and CEO of TrulyMadly, talks about how the dating company is helping people find their perfect match.

TrulyMadly’s plan to reach Bharat users to help people find love

Thursday November 11, 2021,

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Snehil Khanor, Co-founder and CEO of TrulyMadly — one of India’s prominent dating apps — is in the business of finding love. 

Speaking at YourStory’s flagship event, TechSparks 2021, Snehil discussed various initiatives his company is taking to help people find the right match for them.  

“We are the first generation in India responsible for our own marriages,'' he said. 

Finding a compatible life partner

Snehil said they created TrulyMadly to help people find a compatible life partner, who would not hook onto questions of caste, gotra, religion, etc., as it happens on matrimonial sites. 

“We are very happy that we have created countless love stories in the past few years,” he added. 

Taking more initiatives 

Launched in 2013, TrulyMadly has since helped people find love and life partners for themselves. Besides, it has taken various initiatives to help people share a bit with the community. Some of TrulyMadly’s initiatives include:

Forever Garden 

TrulyMadly’s Forever Garden initiative helps people adopt a bunch of trees, where the company helps them take care of it. Snehil said the company also provide the tree owners with certificates and GPS coordinates. 

At present, there are over 1,000 trees planted in Delhi-NCR under this initiative. 

Truly Madly

Corona clusters

In April 2021, when COVID-19 cases were at their peak, TrulyMadly used its matchmaking tools to help people match and find plasma donors. 

“We were able to help people find plasma and other resources during those dire times,” Snehil added.

Reaching Bharat

TrulyMadly is growing rapidly in Tier II and III cities, boosting it to soon launch multilingual support in its app. “Soon, we will be available in 13 local languages,” he said.

Snehil added in a span of two to three years, TrulyMadly would be generating more revenue from Tier II and III cities. 

“The idea is that we create a community and curate tools to help people seeking love find each other. Every profile has a trust score generated through profile verification via government identity and so on,” he explained.

Educating on ‘safe love’

As TrulyMadly plans to expand further into Tier II and III cities, the dating company is taking initiatives to educate people on consent, sexually transmitted disease (STDs), using protection, being open about feelings, etc.

“We are trying to let people know about the things lacking in our education system,” Snehil added.

On the future of finding love online, Snehil said a lot of socio-cultural changes are expected in the future, and he aspires this will bring a lot of people to TrulyMadly in search of finding their perfect partner.

Edited by Suman Singh