How PhonePe Payment Gateway enabled significant growth in payment success rates for Dream11 during the IPL Season

The Dream11–PhonePe payment gateway partnership ensured a world-class user experience with seamless payment flows. This resulted in a phenomenal increase in payment success rates for Dream11 during the IPL Season.

How PhonePe Payment Gateway enabled significant growth in payment success rates for Dream11 during the IPL Season

Friday August 25, 2023,

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During the IPL season, Dream11 witnessed an increase in its user base and a surge in user activity. The fantasy sports platform collaborated with PhonePe to focus on offering a world-class user experience, including a seamless payment flow.

The payment service provider says the partnership enhanced the payment experience, resulting in increased success rates for 1,900+ transactions per second (TPS).

Enabling safe and secure large-scale transactions 

With an increased number of users joining the platform, Dream11 saw a 50% increase in user concurrency this year compared to last year. Based on the company’s user-first principle, it needed to onboard a payment gateway like PhonePe, to handle a high volume of concurrent transactions and large-scale payments - while keeping user-data safe without compromising on performance.

Dream11’s long-standing association with PhonePe dates back to 2018 when it partnered with the app to offer payment solutions on its platform. The trust factor led the fantasy sports platform to partner again with PhonePe, the leading UPI platform with over 50% market share by value.

Partnering with PhonePe Payment Gateway ensured reliability and 100% uptime for Dream11, resulting in industry-leading transaction success rates. The PhonePe Payment Gateway proactively detects downtimes and ensures stable transaction success rates, with real-time health-tracking capability for payment instruments. This capability enables a seamless experience for users.

Catalysing seamless user experiences even during peak concurrency 

The partnership aims to empower fantasy sports fans to supercharge their app experience with the best of both worlds. It also aligns with Dream11’s commitment to providing its 190 million+ users with a hassle-free payment experience, specifically during peak concurrency. 

Talking about the potential of PhonePe Payment Gateway, Vaibhav Kokal, Vice President - Revenue at Dream11, said, “As a user-first company, we are always looking for partners to enhance experiences for sports fans on the Dream11 app. With PhonePe, we have scaled our payments infrastructure to handle 1,900+ transactions per second (TPS), which is a record for a single partner.” 

Shedding light on the importance of a payment gateway with a high success rate during peak transaction periods, Kokal said high success rates are critical to providing seamless user experiences within limited windows on IPL match days.

“One of the most important factors in our collaborative success has been PhonePe's ability to share real-time alerts and low failure rates. It has allowed us to ensure a great end-to-end user journey, even during peak concurrency. We believe PhonePe is a trusted partner in the payments space and are confident that our partnership will continue to be successful.”

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