This store in Pune creates zero waste, encourages customers to do the same

Started by Akshay Agarwal and Gajendra Chowdhary, Adrish gives you a complete eco-friendly experience, and focuses on the concept of creating zero waste by not using plastic and non-biodegradable products.

This store in Pune creates zero waste, encourages customers to do the same

Saturday June 01, 2019,

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Plastic is found every where today – at home, on roads, in oceans, in animals as well as in the food we eat.

Apart from its ill effects on our health, it is also in many ways responsible for climate change. While there has been a lot of talk about banning the use of plastic, implementing it successfully has been a task still far from being achieved.


Akshay Agarwal with patrons at Adrish (Image: Whatshot)

And driving this change by going green and discouraging the use of plastics in its primary usage is Akshay Agarwal, a chartered accountant. The 26-year-old, along with his friend, Gajendra Chowdhary, co-founded Adrish, a zero-waste organic lifestyle store chain in Pune.

Speaking to The Logical Indian, Akshay, who hails from Kolhapur, Maharashtra, said,

“Adrish is the outcome of the thought to develop and nurture a sense of purpose that is larger, greener, and more sustainable. Hence, we are in the process of developing a system that leads our stakeholders to think over and above themselves and thus help create an attachment to the roots.”

Unlike most conventional stores, Adrish follows a zero-waste organic buying experience. The products sold here are not stored or sold in plastic. Customers need to bring their own bags or container to purchase goods, and if one forgets to carry a bag, the store will provide you one.

You can fill the jar with the products you intend to buy - like grains, pulses, herbal teas, oils, etc. Once done, you can weigh it, note down the product id, and pay the amount at the counter, reports Whatshot.


Plastic containers and bags are given a miss in this zero-waste store in Pune. (Image: Whatshot)

Apart from this, you will also find organic products like bamboo toothbrushes, steel straws, khadi bags, and a few kitchenware items that are non-plastic as well.

To make sure the products sold are completely organic, the store sources organic products from around 8,000 farmers across India, as Akshay believes that good health and a green environment go hand in hand.

Speaking on the same, he said,

“We help our farmers follow natural and organic farming practices using the heirloom variety of crops. Our producers are motivated to follow slow process production practices, which retain the essential nutrition in the products manufactured. The result is the creation of an organic supply system with the hope of a greener future.”

He further said, “Hence, the products we offer and the processes we use to produce or manufacture them are always healthy. For instance, the oils are wood-pressed, flours and powders are stone-ground, and seeds are of the heirloom variety,” reports The Logical Indian.

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