Samunnati partners with Kheyti to deliver greenhouse-in-a-box to over 1 lakh farmers

Potentially, $150 million will be deployed by Samunnati to ensure that this model reaches one lakh smallholder farmers and enhance their income levels.

Samunnati, a specialised agri value chain enabler, announced a partnership with Kheyti, a Hyderabad-based agritech startup, to deliver “Kheyti Rakshak” to over one lakh farmers in the next four to five years.

Under this partnership, Kheyti will roll out the first 100 kits to farmers across Telangana and Karnataka. Potentially, $150 million (approx Rs 1,000 crore) will be deployed by Samunnati to ensure that this model will reach one lakh smallholder farmers, and enhance the income levels of over one lakh farmer families.

Talking about the partnership, Anilkumar SG, CEO and Founder at Samunnati, said, “At Samunnati, we have always believed in collaborating with the industry to help the agri-ecosystem operate at a higher equilibrium. We are excited about our collaboration with Kheyti and together we look forward to bringing the benefits of innovative agri-solutions to the smallholder farmers across India.”

“Kheyti Rakshak” is an affordable and innovative greenhouse-in-a-box to farmers at Rs 1 lakh, which is 80 percent less expensive compared to other alternatives in the market.

Signing the MoU

This greenhouse-in-a-box is a low-cost greenhouse bundled with end-to-end services, Kheyti helps smallholder farmers battle climate change. Being the world’s cheapest greenhouse, it can help grow quality vegetables even in off-seasons.

Sathya Raghu, Co-founder and President, Kheyti, said, “Kheyti developed ‘Kheyti Rakshak’ to increase incomes of the ultra-poor women farmers in the country, in a market-based model. We are making vegetable farming predictable and profitable. We innovated a fantastic greenhouse.”

Under the partnership, Sammunati will offer farmer loans to purchase the “Kheyti Rakshak”, which will help scale the solution to over one lakh farmers in the country.

“By collaborating with Samunnati, we unlocked capital to reach 100,000 farmers. Now, we intend to partner with relevant farmer-focused organizations across India and the world to grow at 4x to 5x every year and reach 100,000 farmers by 2025,” he added.

Designed for smallholder farmers, Kheyti Rakshak fits in 2 percent of their land, costs 90 percent lower than regular greenhouses, protects crops from environmental risks, and grows 7x more food with 50x water efficiency.

Edited by Kanishk Singh


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