Investcorp lists three core commitments in its latest ESG report

The latest report highlights the firm's progress in fulfilling its core commitments, which include building sustainable businesses that perform well, creating a positive social impact, and allocating resources and capital to drive decarbonisation efforts.

Investcorp lists three core commitments in its latest ESG report

Wednesday June 07, 2023,

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Investcorp, an alternative investment firm, released the latest edition of its annual ESG report at SuperReturn Berlin.

Its report titled 'Responsible Growth', focuses on using relevant ESG factors to drive credible action towards sustainability.

“While our latest report covers a wide range of ESG considerations, climate change remains one of the biggest challenges of our time and is a key focus area for global business and political leaders," said Mohammed Alardhi, Executive Chairman of Investcorp.

"By collecting data to track our progress and sharing these crucial insights with the public, we aim at making strides globally, contributing to driving sustainability and identifying further practical pathways to get there," he added

Investcorp has placed focus on three core commitments in this report. The first is building high-performing businesses, which focus on governance practices, stakeholder collaboration and leveraging data to navigate climate-related challenges and optimise business operations.

The second focus is on making a positive impact on society. This involves promoting diversity and inclusivity in the workplace and supporting community well-being and education. The company believes in providing equal opportunities for everyone and supports initiatives that improve communities and educational opportunities.

The third focus is on moving towards a clean and sustainable economy. To this end, Investcorp helps portfolio companies align with global sustainability goals and reduce their environmental impact. The company also takes steps to reduce its own carbon footprint and operate in an environmentally responsible manner.

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“This new report highlights the work we are doing with our portfolio companies to help them better understand and manage the impacts of their business activities... Our focus remains on sustainable value creation for both our business and clients, and we look forward to continuing to work with all our stakeholders towards this goal,” said Habib Abdur-Rahman, Head of ESG at Investcorp.

Investcorp recently acquired the Chinese renewable energy critical components manufacturer Shandong Jianuo Electronics Co. Ltd, as well as invested in Trukker, a freight aggregator, Fresh to Home, a food platform, and power services provider, and circular economy proponent, RESA Power.

Edited by Akanksha Sarma