This bespoke matrimonial service will find you the right partner from around the globe

Founded by Anuradha Gupta, US-based Vows for Eternity is a bespoke global matchmaking service that connects like-minded individuals after gauging their personal requirements.

This bespoke matrimonial service will find you the right partner from around the globe

Friday March 18, 2022,

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For many Indians, finding the right life partner is an arduous task, as hundreds of opinions and considerations need to be taken into account.

But what if, stripped of these outside influences, one could connect with a person chosen exclusively for them keeping their particular interests and characteristics in mind? Sounds like a dream? It isn’t, because Vows for Eternity, a bespoke matrimonial service founded by Anuradha Gupta in 2012 promises to do just that.

“Vows for Eternity is a global, bespoke service that prioritises a highly personalised approach, utter discretion, and a thoughtful, involved process to help each member find their life partner. I consider myself a global citizen and Vows for Eternity is a product of my ‘East meets West’ mindset – strongly rooted in Indian heritage, yet reliant on arranged introductions with a modern approach that fit with the contemporary mindsets and lifestyles of our members,” explains Anuradha as she joins YS Weekender for a chat.  

 The quest for a partner

After graduating with majors in Psychology and Economics, Anuradha pursued an MBA from Melbourne Business School, and travelled the world in a variety of leadership roles, including as a key person in the strategy team at Arsenal Football Club.

Having lived in Melbourne, London, Los Angeles, New York, and New Delhi over the last 20 years, she has gained global perspective.

She says, “My work follows my personality – an innate ability to connect with people and infuse my positive approach to living life. My diverse background equips me in understanding different personalities, a skill that is critical in finding the right partner.”

Vows for Eternity began as a service for people who found themselves in situations similar to the one Anuradha was in a few years ago. Unmarried, looking for love, she always thought it would happen organically, but it didn’t. She went through endless resumes or biodatas with lucrative job profiles and cultural beliefs that she did not identify with. Most importantly, she felt these sheets of paper told her nothing about the person being suggested for her.

“I wanted someone to tell me I would at least share similar values with the person, that their backgrounds were similar to mine, that we had similar educational qualifications, that our ambitions would complement each other’s. None of that happened. And that’s how Vows for Eternity was born – as an answer to something I could not find in the global marketplace, so I went out and created it,” she asserts.

Today, Anuradha is proud of the fact that her service attracts progressive, well-educated individuals looking for a life partner. By expanding the network globally, she is able to match people on the basis of trust, compatibility, and true love.

Vows for Eternity has a 23-member team working in the UK, the US, Canada, and India.


A unique service

Anuradha believes that Vows for Eternity is distinct from other matchmaking services due to the brand’s commitment to offering a personalised, purely offline service. Matches are not made on the basis of algorithms or standardised questionnaires. Instead, every single match happens only after the core team spends time understanding the member and their needs.

“We don’t work with biodatas. Through numerous interactions with the team and myself, we help members narrow down on what is most important – shared values, upbringing, and personality fit. This allows members to hone in on what they want in a life partner. It is a well-rounded approach,” she says.

The global team consists of people Anuradha has selected herself, who are easy to relate to and confide in, which helps with the matchmaking process. This team is responsible for vetting membership through their strong eligibility criterion.

There are three tiers of membership, and Anuradha is actively involved in the top tier where she is the matchmaker who hand-holds the member through their search. This tier of membership generally includes people from business families and celebrities.

Speaking about marriage and modern relationships, Anuradha says, “Marriage should be a bond between equals – of respect, love, integrity, and friendship. But marriage may not be for everyone. Vows for Eternity is for those that want a special person in their lives and need help finding them.”

People reach out to them through their website and socials, and can also call them through the numbers listed on their website.

Growth and future plans

According to data published in, revenue generated by the online matrimony market in India in 2022, is estimated to amount to around $0.26 billion. The business proposition is certainly sound.

Vows for Eternity is consciously bootstrapped despite receiving a number of investment offers over the years. This was because Anuradha was loathe to give up creative and directional control. The growth the platform has witnessed over the last decade has further strengthened this belief.

She shares, “Watching two people we have matched start their journey as a family warms my heart every single time it happens. Many times, people and families come to a matchmaking service after they have tried other organic avenues to find the match they are looking for. It is equally rewarding when I can help them help themselves by looking within to understand what they really want from a life partner.”

With exciting plans for growth in the works, Vows for Eternity will soon introduce a unique Wellness Panel, featuring experts from a variety of fields, like fitness, nutrition, healing, life coaching and more, exclusively for members and their families.


Further, buoyed by their success in India and the US, the team is eyeing new markets, like the UAE and the UK, amongst others.

“While cultures around the world are markedly different, and working in new markets is always a thrilling learning experience, what never changes is the members’ desire to find ‘The One’. We are keen to explore new opportunities in unexplored markets, and utilise our ever-growing international networks, to help people find their life partners,” Anuradha says.

The team also hopes to reach out to non-Indians who are beginning to appreciate the progressive nature of this in-depth matchmaking search. By organically working to connect two like-minded individuals on things that matter the most, Anuradha feels their services will appeal across the board.

Another area of focus in the near future will be second marriages – catering to those who may have gone through a divorce, or the loss of a spouse.

Anuradha says, “Our most senior member is 65 years old – it’s a wonderful reminder of how love can and should happen at any age!”

In keeping with this philosophy, Anuradha and her team are looking forward to helping a more mature audience with a specific set of requirements that are different from those seeking a spouse for the first time.

Edited by Teja Lele