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Best of Weekender: A book for children to understand work-life balance, a sustainable home furnishings brand, and more

This week, YSWeekender also explored the similarities between PCOS and diabetes and spoke to Gen Z influencer Sakshi Shivdasani about her content creation journey.

Best of Weekender: A book for children to understand work-life balance, a sustainable home furnishings brand, and more

Sunday April 10, 2022,

3 min Read

Juggling work-home-kids is never easy, but setting up an office at home while your kids are being virtually schooled made the procedure infinitely more challenging.

Hear it from Pooja Sriram Belur, working mom, author, blogger, and Manager — Brand Communications at Chargebee, who captures the essence of this difficult yet memorable time in the lives of working mothers through her newly-released children’s book, Amma’s Work From Home Buddy.

Pooja Sriram Belur

Pooja Sriram Belur says she watched numerous videos by children’s authors and pursued courses on understanding the nitty-gritties of kids’ books before writing her own.

In India, careers in civil services and defence services are still hugely popular, evident from the millions of people who continue to appear for the nationalised examinations in the hope of getting selected.

In fact, the high level of competition attached to these examinations has spawned an entire industry. To train students to appear in centralised exams, coaching institutions are as respected as their traditional educational counterparts. 

One such prominent player is The Catalyst Group, founded by Akhand Swaroop Pandit from Jaipur. It began as a YouTube channel in 2017, but its immense popularity in a short time led it to become an on-ground coaching centre in 2019 in three different cities – Jaipur, Lucknow, and Pune.

Catalyst offers online and offline coaching for many competitive examinations and skill courses at an affordable price.

Catalyst founder

Since most of our time is spent in the confines of our dwellings, appealing aesthetics and creature comforts are necessary to our wellbeing. Aware of this simple truth, Bengaluru-based home furnishings brand The Yellow Dwelling launched its line of pleasing-to-the-eye home décor in 2017.

Started by Abhinayah Sundaramoorthy and Nandakumar Lakshmanan, The Yellow Dwelling operates across three Indian states — a centralised warehouse in Tamil Nadu, a franchise store in Hyderabad, and two retail stores and an experience centre in Bengaluru.

The Yellow Dwelling

Insulin resistance is at the core of several challenging conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, and PCOS.

India has an alarming level of insulin resistance. Some research has labelled the insulin resistance trend in India as an epidemic. There is some thought that the contribution of genetics and environment might be involved, and this is debatable.

The tendency of Indians to have higher rates of insulin resistance might be programmed in utero, but infections, environmental toxins, and diet are contributors. Here’s what you should do to reverse this condition.

Sakshi Shivdasani building a fan base with witty jokes and a fresh sense of fashion

In a recent conversation with YourStory’s Influencers Inc, gen Z content creator Sakshi Shivdasani talks about her journey of becoming an internet sensation.

Sakshi Shivdasani's name has become synonymous with comedy and fashion in the content creation world. This model-turned-influencer makes her audience laugh with her witty sense of humour while also showcasing her uber cool sense of style.

With a massive 344,000 followers on Instagram, Sakshi has been consistently creating fresh and funny content for her audience since the beginning of the pandemic.

In a recent conversation with YourStory’s Influencers Inc, the Gen Z content creator talks about her journey to becoming an internet sensation.

Edited by Suman Singh