Best of Weekender: From a newsletter that cuts the clutter to a Mumbai fashion label worn by celebrities

This week, YSWeekender also brought you stories of a homegrown alcobev brand that offers drinkers a taste of Europe, and why nutritionist Karishma is educating people about veganism.

Best of Weekender: From a newsletter that cuts the clutter to a Mumbai fashion label worn by celebrities

Sunday January 23, 2022,

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According to the Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER), India is one of the fastest-growing alcoholic beverages markets globally, with estimated market size of $52.5 (about Rs 3.9 lakh crore). This has led to many alco-bev industries sprouting up.

One of them is Delhi-based Grano69 Beverages. Founded by Vijay P Sharma and Tarun Bhargava in October 2017, this alcobev brand recently caught the eye of investors and raised $360,000 in seed funding from Dev Punj of Chimes Group and Dauble from Singapore.

Currently, Grano69 has three variants of beer on offer. The first of these is the Proost White Ale — a Belgian wheat beer with notes of coriander and orange. Next is the Proost Lager, a mild lager beer that is thin and crisp on the palate and matches well with spicy Indian food.

Proost Strong — specially curated for the Indian palate — is the ideal beer to beat the summer heat and is favoured by those who enjoy an extra hit without the extreme bitterness.

Grano69, Proost Beer

An overload of information has rendered the habit of reading nearly obsolete amongst millennials and Gen-Z.

Enter The Jurni – a curated newsletter that promises to cut through the clutter and share snippets of the most interesting culture, travel, and work-life-related information. Launched in 2019 by London-based Priyam Sharma, who was later joined by Delhi-based Mohika Sharma, this newsletter is delivered every weekday to inboxes around the country. Aimed at busy professionals, the newsletter’s collection of varied themes from around the world strikes a chord with many.

Currently, three editions of The Jurni are available for readers as per their preferences. The regular edition covers culture, work-life, and travel pieces from around the world. Thursday’s edition is also called ‘Thread Thursdays’ as it follows a common theme or ‘thread’ through the entire newsletter. Friday’s edition focuses on arts and leisure and makes for ideal weekend reading.

The Jurni founders

Launched in 2014 by sister duo Anisha Kapoor and Reema Singhania, Mumbai-based fashion label Maison Blu has been spotted on celebrities like Katrina Kaif, Michelle Poonawala, Sunny Leone, Divya Bhansali, Sophie Choudhary, Regina Cassandra, Sargun Mehta and Sahher Bambba, among others.

Anisha and Reema’s varying design inspirations and philosophies are what guide them and act as the foundation for their brand. A collective passion to create has allowed them to make a seamless mix of Indian and Western looks over the years.

They highlight that every collection of Maison Blu’s reflects multiple influences. Anisha says, “We love combining different elements – whether it is power with fragility, finesse with effortlessness, or serenity with drama.”

maison blu founders

According to many studies, veganism can reduce the risk of cancer as it possesses a bevvy of potential nutrients, which can diminish the risk of certain types of cancer, including breast cancer.

Mumbai-based Karishma Shah, Integrative Health Nutritionist and Holistic Life Coach, is a strong advocate for veganism, and has been promoting a vegan lifestyle for five years now.

She follows a fully vegan and a 90 percent plant-based diet and advises a plant-based diet to her clients as well.

“After coming across the fact that eating plant-based can prevent a tremendous amount of environmental exploitation and animal slaughter, I discovered a strong sense of emotions towards veganism, and I took a path of educating people around the globe,” Karishma tells YS Weekender.
Karishma Shah

Karishma Shah eco-conscious nutritionist

The past two years and COVID-19 have forced consumers across the world to reevaluate their health and wellbeing.

Dietary practices have evolved significantly as people strive to enhance their immunity level to combat the viral contagion. The focus is definitely on getting fitter and better through natural and sustainable methods.

It’s not just in the field of nutrition and health; consumer sentiment has drastically changed even in the personal care and beauty segment. The rise of the modern informed consumer has led to the emergence of clean beauty.

Take a look at some of the important consumer trends that are set to go mainstream in 2022.