Celebrating motherhood: 5 ways to make her feel special on Mother’s Day and every day!

This year, Mother’s Day has arrived in a glum situation and everyone is holding on to their mums and are hoping to keep them safe and healthy. We bring you five ways to make your mother feel loved and appreciated.

A day to honor mothers has existed for as long as there have been mothers. Festivals celebrating mothers in ancient times were often about gods and goddesses. The Greeks and Romans reverenced the mother figure of their gods, and an important festival in India - Durga-puja to this day honors goddess Durga, also known as Maa Durga.

While the importance of a mother remains unparalleled, and this truth must be conceded each day, Mother’s Day pushes the world to take one day out of an overloaded roster, to celebrate motherhood and to make an extra-special effort to recognise and appreciate mothers’ roles in our lives. Every so often, this day is extended to generations of mothers — grandmothers, great-grandmothers, stepmothers — as well as mother figures.

This year, Mother’s Day has arrived in a glum situation when many mothers have lost a battle against the virus or are fighting one with all their might. Everyone is holding on to their mums and are hoping to keep them safe and healthy.

So, here are five ways to make your mother feel loved and appreciated on this Mother’s Day and every other day!

1. If your mom is at home, give her a few days off from all household chores, especially during this difficult time. She has been on her toes to look after the family, and now she deserves a break and a chance to be pampered. Someone else can take complete responsibility for making or serving food, clearing and cleaning the dishes, doing the laundry, or every other task she routinely manages. Volunteer!

2. Cook a special meal for her or set up a virtual brunch/dinner date. If your mother lives with you, breakfast in bed is always a classic. Something simple will work for this - such as toast and omelette or a croissant with jam or fruit and a cup of coffee or tea. If she lives away from you, turn to Swiggy or get a scrumptious meal delivered to her by a friend/relative. Then get her on a Zoom/FaceTime call and devour the meal with her. She’s going to absolutely love the gesture, and the food!

3. Take her for her COVID-19 vaccination. This one may sound drab and boring, but it’s the most important one and the current times call for it. She took you for all your shots when you were little and looked after you when you were unwell. Now it’s your turn to ensure she is well taken care of. Besides, what speaks louder of your love, affection, and concern, than looking after her health and well-being?

4. Simply watch a movie or show together. If you’re at home in one place, have a movie night, complete with cinema treats. If you’re in separate locations, watch the same movie on your computers at the same time. Or, start a marathon of your favorite TV series while indulging in a glass of wine or cup of tea. You can use Teleparty – an app that synchronises video playback on Netflix, Disney, etc., along with a group chat feature making it easier to watch movies with the close people who are far away from you.

5. Give her a home salon day! A soothing facial or a comforting manicure/pedicure that will give her all the pampering she deserves and yearns for. You can look for online tutorials on how to do it if you don’t already know. If nothing else, just a gentle head massage will work wonders in making her feel rejuvenated and special.

Finally, what would Mother's Day be like without an overload of hugs and kisses? Virtual or real, work them into your day by setting up a fun "hugs and kisses" schedule. For instance, include a hug or kiss every few hours and do it even if you have to via a text or video call. Make up your own directions and silly but affectionate things to do, it’s going to certainly make her feel as special as she truly is.

Edited by Megha Reddy

(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of YourStory.)