Desi way with a side of Gen Z: How the new generation is styling ethnic wear

While we see Gen Z embracing and flaunting Indian wear, they are also pushing the boundaries by implementing new and modern styles, adding a splash of their own individuality to our heritage.

Desi way with a side of Gen Z: How the new generation is styling ethnic wear

Friday February 25, 2022,

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Unique, fearless, and inclusive — these are the words that define Generation Z. Also known as ‘Zoomers’, they are known for re-inventing everything and giving it their own spin. We see this with their style too.

While most people believe that Gen Z is moving away from Indian wear, that is actually not the case. From studying their shopping habits, we’ve noticed that Zoomers are making impulse purchases for Indian wear, which indicates their love for traditional fashion.

We see Gen Z embracing and flaunting Indian wear while also pushing the boundaries. While they do not stick to century-old ideas, they are also surprisingly accepting of tradition. Gen Z has new rules of styling Indian wear while still deep-rooted in Indian culture.

What's impressive is how they take the allure of traditional ethnic ensembles and add a unique sartorial touch of cool to it. From fuss-free silhouettes to modern, updated styling, here is Gen Z's fresh outlook on fashion and how they are updating their Indian wear game.

A universe where comfort rules!

This generation has made it abundantly clear that style and comfort can go hand-in-hand just perfectly. They prioritise comfort and convenience over heavily adorned uncomfortable pieces. When it comes to ethnic looks, Gen Z opts for minimalist and lighter pieces that allow them freedom of movement.

While shopping for traditional fashion, Gen Z has made the shift to shopping for stitched pieces. In the advent that the sizing chart has become more accurate, Gen Z looks for hassle-free shopping and prefers buying ready-to-wear garments. This is a stark shift from boomers who still prefer to get not only their Indian wear but also their formal pieces tailored.

Gen Z loves the charm of ethnic wear but wants it to be uncomplicated and practical. Think pant sarees, lehengas with pockets, and ethnic jumpsuits. While styling Indian wear for weddings and functions, Gen Z prefers waist bags over potlis or clutches for complete ease.

Bringing back culture with a personal twist!

Every generation has been known for a particular style and vibe. But when it comes to Gen Z, is their sense of style quirky, cool or classic? Zoomers want versatility in their outfits, to style them to match their personality, mood, and sense of identity. They are rewriting the rules of style, one outfit at a time!

While history and craftsmanship are essential, Gen Z is all about amalgamating multiple styles and cultures and creating Indo-western looks. They are masters of merging Indian cultural pieces with western elements, think jeans with a kurta, shirts and bralettes with lehengas and trousers with sarees.

A spirit of experimentation!

Gen Z has a knack for taking traditional silhouettes and creating fashion statements with their unorthodox ideas. They are not afraid to go bold and dial up the style quotient with cultural pieces.

It's not enough to be modern; they re-interpret and re-energise traditional Indian wear in a contemporary way and make it fabulous. They have a fluid approach when it comes to style. Backless blouses, bustiers, exciting sari drapes, layered lehengas, add drama to the age-old styles and make it out of the box.

The generation has a love for fusion fashion and a knack for experimenting! Whether it's wearing a bomber jacket over a saree, a lehenga with a high slit, or choosing an olive hued look for a wedding, their styling choices are all about extraordinary details.

For Gen Z, there is a certain deep-rooted and undying love for Indian Fashion with an endeavor to put a fresh spin on century-old ideas. When it comes to styling Indian wear, they are not afraid to break away from the traditional norms and keep individuality and experimentation at the centre.

Edited by Affirunisa Kankudti

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