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Missing the gym? Here are 10 machines to choose from to continue working out at home

Not everyone needs a gym to work out. Prateek Sood, Director of Grand Slam Fitness, shares a list of best weight loss machines for fitness enthusiasts stuck inside their houses.

Missing the gym? Here are 10 machines to choose from to continue working out at home

Saturday January 23, 2021,

4 min Read

As we embark upon the new year, losing weight figures on the list of resolutions for many. Some of us are also struggling to lose all the weight gained in 2020 due to stress eating and decreased physical activity amid the lockdown and the need for social distancing. 

Losing weight is a tussle for many and it's essential to have the knowledge of basics before setting out to achieve your desired fitness goal. There are various companies offering new and different gym equipment that effectively helps in weight loss. But, which ones to pick?

Here’s a roundup of the best weight loss machines that one should know about:


Running on a treadmill is an effective way to lose fat quickly. It’s the best cardio exercise. Using a treadmill for 30 minutes at the same pace can help make a person fit and active. 

It also benefits those who have knee problems. You can also track your heart rate by maintaining an adequate intensity level.

Recumbent bike

Recumbent bikes strengthen the heart and lower body muscles. Pedalling at a fast pace makes leg muscles burn. Recumbent bikes can also help to promote leg strength and endurance. 

They can track time, distance, and calorie goals, as well as draw comparisons with previous workouts. The machine works on the hamstrings, abs, quadriceps, glutes, calves, and hip muscles.

Upright bike

Upright bike enables a great cardio session along with strengthening the leg and centre muscles. Depending on your requirements and preferences, this bicycle can be utilised for workouts in both standing and sitting positions. 

The machine works on abdominal muscles and upper arms (since the user needs to keep their body upright), shoulders, biceps, and triceps.


Wattbike has set the standard for indoor bikes and is known for its adaptability and versatility. Indoor trainers provide in-depth workout plans and techniques in every cycling session. 

It is undoubtedly the best equipment for losing weight at home.


Core drive elliptical

The core drive elliptical machine helps you achieve a vigorous workout by focusing on building the heart, muscles, and lungs. It also helps you develop endurance and firmness. 

The curved structure allows a good workout session for both aerobics and cardio exercises. Walking just for 20 minutes on a core drive elliptical can give you a full-body workout like no other machine.

Rowing machine

The rowing machine is an exercise meant to work like rowing a boat, which would help to strengthen one’s muscles and increase stamina simultaneously. In this, you need to fill the calorie shortage by consuming more of it. 

Some people have a misconception that rowing machines only work on arms but that’s a false notion as rowing machines target the upper back, pecs, arms, and abdominal muscles.

Weights and plates

Weights and plates are effective for the entire body as you can use them to work on different muscle groups. It helps to improve body balance and control. 

Weights like dumbbells and kettlebells are the perfect addition to a regular workout as they can be used for exercises like squats, lunges, and abs exercises. The best part about these is they target a wide range of muscles that can be done within the comfort of home.

weights and plates

Cross-functional accessories

Cross-functional accessories include a gym ball and skipping rope. Exercising with a gym ball can help you with weight reduction and cardio. 

Irrespective of your body size, this activity ball helps with stretching the body and works best for the abdomen. Using it adds power to the whole workout routine.

Full-body press

A full-body press works on a wide variety of muscle groups throughout the body. It benefits not only the stomach but also the chest, shoulders, triceps, upper/lower back, core, lats, hips, glutes, quads, calves, and hamstrings. 

The best feature of a full-body press is that it burns more calories in less time.

Training wall

The training wall tones and strengthens muscles, thus increasing stamina and endurance. The biggest benefit of doing work out on the training wall is that it improves body posture, balance, and stability.


Simply put, to be fit, one either goes to a gym or sets up a home gym. In either case, using the correct equipment is extremely important. Not all machines available in the gym or the fitness stores are useful for helping with weight reduction. 

Some machines are mainly made for this purpose, but for optimum benefits, one must use these machines appropriately. Choosing the right piece of equipment will help immensely in hitting that weight loss goal.

Edited by Saheli Sen Gupta