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Smart moves: 12 ways exercise can make you feel good and look gorgeous

Regular exercise can improve your health and fitness levels. Here are 12 ways how workouts can change your life, says Paras Gupta, bodybuilder and founder of Universal Health Club

Smart moves: 12 ways exercise can make you feel good and look gorgeous

Thursday October 29, 2020,

4 min Read

Exercising not only improves your health and fitness levels but also gives your personality an overall boost and makes you look and feel gorgeous. When you are physically and mentally fit, you feel confident and good.


Regular workouts can transform your body

Among various other health and fitness benefits, here are 12 benefits of regular exercise:

1. Improves your body posture


A good exercise programme will improve your posture

Most of us set goals that we want to achieve with the right workouts. Exercising can help you get that desired body shape that you have been working hard for, while also improving your overall body posture.

2. Reduces stress, anxiety, and depression


A good workout is necessary for mental health

Nowadays, everyone is dealing with stress because of either work, college and financial problems, relationship pressures, or due to other reasons that can result in anxiety and depression.

Exercising is a great way to reduce your stress since your body releases endorphins, which are hormones that boost your mood and give you positive and happy feelings.

3. Detoxifies your skin  

You must have heard the term 'post-workout glow.' Have you ever wondered what it is? The sweat that your body produces while exercising removes all the toxins from your skin, which makes your skin brighter. It flushes all the impurities from your skin, and makes your skin glow. However, wipe off all the perspiration from your face so that your skin does not break out with acne.

4. Makes you look and feel confident

When you work out, you feel fit and healthy, both mentally and physically, and your confidence levels automatically rise to another level. When you are not conscious about your looks, your confidence level is unimaginably high, and it reflects in your personality. The feeling that you get when you feel good about yourself makes you look more gorgeous than ever.

5. Increases your immunity


Immunity is a byproduct of exercise

Regularly exercise improves your immune system. A healthy immune system helps you avoid getting sick often, thus making you feel healthy and good about yourself.

6. Promotes healthy skin


Clear skin begins with a good exercise routine

Exercising increases the blood circulation in your body and also supplies essential nutrients to your skin. This improves the overall health of the skin and prevents your skin from premature ageing.

Your muscles become strong and they provide a healthy base for your skin, thus making your skin firm and more elastic.

7. Improves skin clarity

Exercising helps you to get rid of acne too. Acne is produced by sebum, which is released into your skin regularly. A good workout helps control your hormonal imbalances and reduces the stress levels that prevents the production of sebum, and thus reduces acne.

It also helps to get rid of dead skin cells, oils, and chemicals, which build up over time, and leaves your skin clear and glowing.

8. Leads to healthy hair


A workout regimen promotes healthy hair growth

Exercising promotes hair growth as it increases blood circulation and allows nutrients and oxygen to reach your scalp and hair follicles, which leads to healthy hair. Reduced stress levels also help prevent hair loss.

9. Brings peaceful sleep


Regular exercise leads to sound sleep

When you exercise, your body is active during the day, and you get a sound and peaceful sleep at night. A peaceful night of sleep helps you feel refreshed and energetic the next morning.

10. Gets rid of dark circles

Exercise boosts your energy and helps in blood circulation that helps to reduce puffiness under the eyes and makes your under-eye skin brighter. A good night's sleep also contributes to getting the perfect amount of rest that helps reduce dark circles.

11. Gives you a beautiful smile  


Oral health improves when there is improved blood circulation

Exercising also improves oral health since improved blood circulation provides essential nutrients to our teeth and gums. Oral health gives you the confidence to flaunt a beautiful smile.

12. Improves your sex life  

When you exercise, you feel more confident about your appearance and your body, and this makes you feel happy and sexy. Proper blood circulation also gives your body a boost and improves the experience.

However, do not strain your body with excess exercise. Learn to work out in moderation, preferably for an hour a day. This is enough to achieve your goals. It is also necessary to consume healthy food when you exercise to ensure the best health and fitness results.

Proper diet and a good exercise routine will get you quick results, and help you feel energetic and good about yourself.

(Image credit: Shutterstock)