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From Hardik Pandya to Soha Ali Khan, why celebs love woman-led design studio Olives Cre

There's no better feeling than enjoying a Zen ambience at work and coming home to sink into the lap of luxury. Olives Cre by Anuradha Aggarwal crafts just the right kinds of lavish workspaces and homes, where each space feels uniquely yours.

From Hardik Pandya to Soha Ali Khan, why celebs love woman-led design studio Olives Cre

Saturday August 24, 2019,

5 min Read

Whether you want a home complete with earthy tones and sombre lighting that eases your mind, body and soul, or a workspace ambience that makes any task seem like a breeze, Olives Cre, founded by Anuradha Aggarwal, offers it all.

Based in New Delhi, Olives Cre offers three distinct styles - classical, contemporary, and fusion. It combines comfort, beauty, and elegance, and pays attention to every detail while creating the perfect living or work environment for you. With a team of 75 people, of whom most are women, the design studio offers expertise in civil architecture and has its own furniture line, lights and artefacts. The company also plans to launch a new linen collection along with a range of exclusive home accessories.

Olives Cre image 1

Founded in 2016, Olives Cre has seen quite the star-studded clientele - from actors Soha Ali Khan, Vivek Oberoi, and Sharmila Tagore attending its launch, to the company designing a penthouse in Vadodara for cricketer Hardik Pandya. A Mumbai apartment for politician Waris Pathan is also in the works. So far, the studio has completed over fifty projects in all.

Anuradha has also won accolades like Best Interior Designer Award at the Vande Mataram Karma Awards 2018, and the Society Excellence Award 2018 for excelling in the field of interior design.

So how did Anuradha Aggarwal become the brains behind Olives Cre? Speaking with YS Weekender, the design expert takes us through the journey.

How it began

"I have been painting since I was 5 and visualising spaces and giving them character has always given me immense happiness and pleasure," Anuradha says.

A Delhi University graduate, Anuradha has constantly worked on improving her design skills, since she recognised her talent and passion very early on. Her love for the arts and aesthetics led her to create her company, Olives Cre, and she says she couldn’t have done it without the support of her children who have encouraged her from the word go.

And although Olives Cre was established just over three years ago, Anuradha says she has been working in design for over twelve years.

What is ‘Olives Cre’?

One might wonder, what the story behind the studio's unique name is. Anuradha says the name Olives Cre struck her when she found herself sketching an abstract drawing of olives placed in a China cup, at a cafe in the breathtaking city of Prague.

"Frequent travels to design destinations and being surrounded by the world’s most beautiful architecture across the globe has helped me polish my skills further. I have been fortunate to be able to travel extensively and have garnered inspiration for my designs from all over the world." she adds.

A typical day

No matter what she does, Anuradha stays dedicated towards her love for design. Be it dawn or dusk, she focuses on her passion and nothing else. On how a typical day in her life goes, she says,

“On most days, I don’t know the difference between day and night. If I love something, I put my soul into it. My work is my passion. If my client needs it, I am willing to stay up late at night with my team to create their dream home. Other days I travel for work since the brand has a pan India presence. I always make sure that every project receives the same level of dedication and personal touch.”

Anuradha says nothing beats the way she felt when she found her first client. She treasures that moment and holds it close to her heart because she was absolutely stunned and overwhelmed with the amount of trust, they put in her although she was just getting started.

Olives Cre image 2

Staying motivated

There is no doubt Anuradha keeps her fire lit with passion as the fuel, but not letting it falter can be a challenge. On how she overcomes hurdles and stays on her feet, she says,

“Marking my niche in the industry has been my biggest challenge and my biggest achievement. I have been able to get hands-on experience and understand how a home lives and breathes. This helped me create something of my own.”

Anuradha lives by the motto "smooth seas don’t make skilled sailors," and draws energy from the luxury motif of a horse. She says that the horse has always stood out to her because it represents royalty and strength of character, which are ideas she endorses and wants to communicate through her designs.

Apart from her career in design and a love for travel, Anuradha’s interests include sports and music, on which she relies on for some stress busting. She is also a professionally trained Kathak dancer.

The road ahead

In the next couple of years, Anuradha wishes to take Olives Cre to the international market, and establish herself in the design industry across the globe. She recently set up an office in Dubai to extend the studio’s operations overseas.

“As a female entrepreneur I always want to see women grow in every field and every industry. I hope I have been able to create a space in my own organisation where women can flourish,” she concludes.