How wedding photography has evolved over time

Shrey Bhagat, co-founder of Knotting Bells Wedding Photography and Videography, talks about how wedding photography is now more about moments captured than just pretty pictures.

How wedding photography has evolved over time

Friday April 09, 2021,

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Photography has been evolving constantly, and new aspects are brought to light ever so often. 

Lighting is well-known as one of the most essential elements that defines how a picture will turn out. Who wants to see a flat image with no play of lights? Be it natural or artificial lighting, one must remain conscious of where the light is coming from, where it’s hitting the subject, and whether or not it’s forming any shadows or highlights. An easy way to gauge how the lighting is playing out for an image you’re about to capture is to just squint, and you’ll get a glimpse of the rays in your frame. 

More often than not, photographers tend to shy away from natural light settings, since it drastically reduces the level of control.

Open spaces, however, make room for a lot of creativity. Like wedding shots taken during the day, natural light streaming through and adding to that much sought after glow.  
Shrey Bhagat

Shot by Shrey Bhagat

While pictures of pre-wedding celebrations like sangeet are always favoured and remembered for its lightheartedness and camaraderie, it’s time to switch it up a little. There are many moments that take place at a wedding, good enough for action shots, be it during the Haldi ceremony when friends and cousins of the bride and groom go running after each other pouring all sorts of concoctions on their heads, or the secret bar area where the wildest moments often take place. 

Attendees at weddings are increasingly empathetic towards photography crew and organisers, sometimes striking up conversations, at other times looking to check if they can catch a glimpse of themselves in the photos and videos. These equations make it a much more interactive, fun experience for photographers as well, enabling them to capture raw and candid shots.


Shot by Shrey Bhagat

Recording a few instances in documentary format at a wedding is definitely out of the box, but makes an interesting addition to the after movies. The conversation the groom has with his friends while getting dressed for the pheras, and the bride's panicky outbursts that turn into a laughing riot with her girlfriends and sisters by her side are seconds worthy of capturing, that brings smiles to clients’ faces even years later. 

Portrait imagery is a classic yet cliched way of doing this job, but even this category is making a move forward.

Couples want a few shots for photo frames at home, but they also want their chemistry and also individual personalities to reflect in the images. Be it with their dog or a funny photo of them with their tongues out being goofy with each other, there’s an active element added to the otherwise typical posed style of portrait photography.

Leading from the idea of goofy, natural portraits, candid seconds captured are becoming increasingly appreciated and loved. Foreseeing a moment before it takes place, and setting the lens in a desired angle will not take away from the moment.  


Shot by Shrey Bhagat

With rising number of Instagram influencers and ‘bridal bloggers,’ wedding photographers are inundated with requests for images that sum up the complete wedding trousseau of the couple getting married. From the outfit to the make-up, footwear, handbag, jewellery, hairstyle and more, every little details is pursued to be featured on social media stories and posts. 

Sparing time for photography is the one thing that’s most difficult for couples and their immediate families during the festivities. Everyone is always running places and struggling to make it in time for functions before their guests arrive, but sparing a few minutes, away from the chaos, adds elegance and grandeur to wedding albums. Not only is everyone looking their best as soon as they are dressed and before they are lost in the festivities, but those few minutes with immediate family members will also prove to be precious on hindsight.  

These unconventional nuances of shooting weddings are steadily taking seat over traditional styles, which we also believe will never be completely lost. There is always a mix of conventional and contemporary elements, but however one prefers their images, photographs will always bring back memories of moments long gone, but deeply cherished. 

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