The real superhero: Meet Dushyant Kapoor, content creator of the DK FILMS Universe

In an exclusive interview, Dushyant Kapoor talks about his most recent short film ‘Corona 2049: End of the World,’ his popular superhero series ‘Suitboy’ and his upcoming projects.

The real superhero: Meet Dushyant Kapoor, content creator of the DK FILMS Universe

Monday September 21, 2020,

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Dushyant Kapoor is an Indian film director, producer and content creator and is known for his superhero films like “Mahakaal, Suitboy and Boom."

He got into his media venture DK FILMS at an early age as he loved storytelling and creating gripping characters. The DK Film universe is centred primarily around the superhero genre. Some of his popular characters include ‘Halt, Naari, Narayan & SHE.'

Dushyant Kapoor.

Film director Dushyant Kapoor.

In 2014, Dushyant’s sci-Fi film ‘Halt’ was played at the Cannes Film Festival in the short film category. He was also bestowed with the title ‘Youngest VEVO artist of the year’ from India in the same year.

In an exclusive interview with YS Weekender, Dushyant Kapoor talks about his most recent short film ‘Corona 2049: End of the World,’ his popular superhero series ‘Suitboy’ and his upcoming projects.

YSW: Tell us about your most recent short film on the Covid-19 pandemic and Suitboy respectively.

DK:  Corona 2049 is a depiction of what we are doing to nature and how it will affect us in the future.

I made this film to spread this message to a bigger audience and make them aware of the consequences of negligence. The film was trending the next day and people really loved it. Recently the film got selected in LELOUN Film festival and I was thrilled.

Suitboy is an Indian superhero series, made for mainly the young generation.

The protagonist is an Indian superhero born on a doomed planet “Planet-B”, raised on Earth 2 and destined to battle evil as Suitboy. He is also called the invisible superhero. 

It took almost a year to complete the VFX and 3D visualisation of the series. It is one of the most loved series and has around 1.5 crore views on YouTube. We are coming up with more exciting stories of Indian superheroes, and I am sure people will love them.

YSW: What did you want your audience to take back from this?

DK:  I want my audience to learn that everybody is a superhero. All we have to do is step up and help someone in need. Besides, I want my audience to support our own superheroes as much as they love the Marvel and DC universe.

Dushyant Kapoor.

Suitboy is a superhero series created by Dushyanth Kapoor for the young generation of today.

YSW: DK FILMS, your banner has got much acclaim for its superhero content. Can you tell us about your popular characters and the powers they possess?

DK:  It is true that people nowadays recognise DK FILMS as the home of Indian superheroes and India’s first superhero universe. 

As announced last year, DK FILMS is bringing 10 new superheroes and some are already released. Some of the popular characters are - “Mahakaal, Suitboy, Narayan, Naari, Halt, She and Hion.

Mahakaal - Mahakaal is the grandson of the deity, Shiva and possesses the power of invincibility, super strength, flight, superhuman speed, Teleportation, and immortality.

Suitboy- is the boy with the spacesuit and he possesses the power of invisibility and superhuman strength.

Naari- Naari comes from the Kalyuga of Brahma’s 50th day and possesses the power of superhuman strength and immortality She is the Thunder Queen, who has the ability to heal, has superhuman speed and the power to take anyone to a virtual dream world.

Halt- Halt is a result of a science experiment and he has the power to freeze time and has super speed qualities too.

SHE- is a vigilante who fights for everyone out there. Her super power is hand to hand combat and technology. She is also a martial art master, weapon master and archer.

Hion-was saved from death by a loved one with the medicines of Lord Yamputra. He possesses the powers of healing, super strength, superhuman reflexes and stamina.
Dushyant Kapoor.

Superhero series Mahakaal is based on Indian mythology.

YSW: Which Superhero or comic series do you enjoy?

DK:  Literally a lot. Few of the most-watched ones are Spiderman, Ironman, Nagraj and Tiranga. 

YSW: How did it feel when your Sci-Fi Film ‘Halt’ made it to Cannes back in 2014 and you were given the title of the youngest upcoming artist on VEVO the same year?

DK:  Overwhelmed. When I created ‘Halt’ I wasn’t really sure about the success it would achieve. Though every project is created with the intention of winning awards and appreciation, this was our first achievement.

I can’t express how great it felt to be recognised as the youngest upcoming artist on VEVO that year.

YSW: Current projects you are working on, and do you plan to make a feature-length film soon?

DK: I am currently working on the second part of the 2020 End of the World short film. I hope it will be appreciated the same way as my first short film was appreciated. Also, as planned I will be working on the arrival of Indian Avengers. 

Moreover, I have been planning to make a feature-length film for a long time and I hope to start shooting soon for it.

(Image Credits: Dushyant Kapoor)

Edited by Asha Chowdary