Trend alert: Top 5 decor predictions for 2021

Want to give your home a makeover in 2021? Here are some of the top decor trends from Saloni Khosla, Head of Spatial Design, Pepperfry

Trend alert: Top 5 decor predictions for 2021

Thursday December 03, 2020,

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As we prepare to bid adieu to 2020, a year that presented challenges and scenarios never faced before, let’s not forget that it also made us reconnect with our homes and the people in it.

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Different kinds of lights and textures will be trendy in 2021

Having spent almost the entire year locked up in our homes, it has definitely transformed us into decor enthusiasts. From DIY tricks to purchasing decor and furniture items to make the space more functional and higher on aesthetics, we’ve tried it all!

Now that we are all set to step foot into the New Year, here are some unmissable interior decor trends that will help you reinvent and refresh your home for the year ahead.

Versatile vogue

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Sofa beds and other multi-purpose furniture will be the norm

Multi-purpose furniture ruled the majority of 2020 and we will definitely see more of it in the coming year as well.

As we enter the New Year with our newly evolved homes, which is more than just a space for relaxing and spending quality time with family, consumers are constantly looking to upgrade it with multi-functional pieces that are ergonomic as well as aesthetically pleasing.

For instance, if you have always wanted to invite some friends for a sleepover but couldn’t because of space constraint then it is time to kiss those space worries goodbye.

Bring home a sofa which can easily be transformed into a comfy bed by simply pushing the backrest down. Or if you are someone who owns a compact home in the metros and has recently started working from home then the display shelf cum pull-down study table is the perfect pick for you

Ethnic finesse

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Ethnic decor can enhance a room

No matter how much our style preferences evolve, dil will always maange more of desi styles. Next year we will definitely see a hint of ethnic flair in our modish abodes. It could be through traditional prints on furnishings and upholstery or intricate carvings on decor pieces or jharokha-style mirrors and window frames.

Blurring the line between indoors and outdoors

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Bring the outdoors indoors to refresh the decor in your home

While plants have been ruling the decor trends each year, next year it is going to be a lot more special.

After spending the majority of our days indoors this year, our appreciation for nature has certainly tripled. Incorporating house plants into your decor can help refresh your air and brighten your mood, and you don’t necessarily need to get too fancy. A few easy-to-care-for indoor plants in a beautifully textured stoneware pot will do the trick.

You can begin by dedicating an entire wall in your living room to a variety of plants like the snake plant, Azalea and place these on a vertical ladder or on shelves. Or, if you are planning to add several plants across your home then you can begin by placing potted orchids in your balcony and Areca palms in the front door hallway.

Oh, and let’s not forget that when it comes to plants more is also less!

Wicker is in style

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Wicker interiors are very popular nowadays

Wicker furniture, which dates back to 3,000 BC and is among the oldest contributors of home decor in the world, is going to be ruling in 2021.

With a neutral colour palette and au naturel setting making a comeback into homes, wicker is becoming increasingly popular among urban individuals. You can either go big by bringing home hero products in wicker-like bookshelf, armchair or incorporate wicker subtly through wicker baskets, wall decor items and lampshades.

Woven rattan furnishings and decor are durable while adding texture and a natural, light feel to a room. While we’ll likely see a lot of rattan seating and light fixtures, it can also bring tropical-influenced vibes to the bedroom with a handmade headboard.

Nautical hues

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Nautical touches can add a modern feel to a room

The nautical colour palette is going to be the talk of the town next year as it lends a relaxing and welcoming vibe. Varying from deep tones to soft Aquas, Mediterranean shades are perfect for creating a tranquil home.

You can either make a statement by painting the walls and doors in these shades or take a minimalistic approach by painting the door and window frames as well as adding vases and wall decor in shades of blue.

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