World Chocolate Day: This artisanal chocolate brand is inspired by MS Dhoni

On World Chocolate Day, YS Weekender spoke to 7Ink Brews to know more about its speciality artisanal chocolate Copter7 — inspired by MS Dhoni.

World Chocolate Day: This artisanal chocolate brand is inspired by MS Dhoni

Wednesday July 07, 2021,

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We have seen Mahendra Singh Dhoni do his famous “helicopter” shot on the cricket pitch numerous times. Well, this shot was not just restricted to the game of cricket.

For Mumbai-based 7Ink Brews, MS Dhoni’s “helicopter” shot turned into its USP called Copter7.

The artisanal chocolate and commercial beer brand was founded in April 2021 by Mohit Bhagchandani, Adil Mistry, and Kunal Patel.

MS Dhoni, Copter7

MS Dhoni

Recently, YS Weekender reached out to Mohit on the occasion of World Chocolate Day.

Talking about artisanal chocolates, he says, “I believe the segment is relatively new and there is a lot of potential for the market to grow in the future. We wanted to enter this uncluttered space and create our niche. To provide the best quality and experience, we have teamed up with well-known chocolatier and chef David Belo of Mysore-based craft chocolate brand Naviluna.” 

7Ink Brews’ range of artisanal chocolates is manufactured using sustainably grown cacao sourced from southern India.

These bean-to-bar chocolates are organic, vegan, and GMO-free.

“We offer bespoke flavours using local ingredients and unique blends, including Mosambi Zest, Strawberry and Coffee (a dark chocolate variant), and Mint and Mulberry (made with cocoa butter/non-vegan). One must experience these chocolates to enjoy the true essence of the Indian chocolate heritage,” Mohit says. 

The beginning

Mohit, Adil, and Kunal share a common interest in sports. Earlier, Adil was handling talent management, operations, and facilities for major sports events, while Kunal was a specialist in sales and distribution in the alcobev industry. 


Mohit says, “Sports and beverages have always shared a strong synergy between each other and merging these industries in one unified, compelling brand has been my dream. I wanted to create a brand that evokes the same kind of emotion and fervour in consumers that sport evokes in sports lovers across the world.” 

Mohit adds, “Copter7 embodies the heart and drive of a champion, which sets legends apart from the rest.”

In fact, MS Dhoni — the man who inspired Copter7 — has been a part of the brand since its inception.

Speaking about why he joined 7Ink Brews, Dhoni says, “When you believe so strongly in the vision of a company, it makes the association much more meaningful. Like any sportsperson who works relentlessly to achieve their goals, 7Ink has that ingrained in its DNA too. I am truly elated to be a shareholder and brand ambassador for a company. Its food and beverage line, Copter7, has great potential, and I am excited to be associated with it.”

The startup has already raised over $7 million and is further looking to raise close to $15 million to fuel its domestic and international expansion plans.

Other offerings

Besides artisanal chocolates, 7Ink Brews also offers two commercial beers — Copter 7 Strong Beer and Copter 7 Premium Lager.

“Today, beer is a fast-growing market in India, owing to the rapidly changing lifestyle. To bring back the love for commercial beers in the age of craft, the brand has launched two varieties — Strong Beer and Premium Lager — with a few more variants in the pipeline,” Mohit explains. 

The startup is planning to launch Copter7 Select Strong this July.

In terms of expansion, 7Ink Brews has plans to expand its presence, starting with the UAE and Singapore.

“We will also soon launch a range of non-alcoholic beers, the plan for which is currently in making. These will be fruit-based and will be available in two flavours,” he adds.

Edited by Kanishk Singh